How Do You Grow Your YouTube Channel – Proven Ways For Growing Youtube Channels


Are you a Youtuber and looking for a guide on how to grow your channel? Here is a comprehensive and straight-to-the-point guide on How Do You Grow Your YouTube Channel.

Interestingly, this article will expose you to the powerful ways you can follow to easily grow your youtube channel very fast. Continue reading below and please don’t forgot to share this article with your friends and loved ones!!!

Grow Your YouTube Channel

It is one thing to start a YouTube Channel; it is another thing to grow the channel. To become successful in anything you do, knowledge is the key factor. Most persons just start up a YouTube Channel hoping it would grow itself.

It doesn’t work that way, guys. The idea for starting up one isn’t just to start it up; it involves some deliberate and smart work to attract people to your channel. As long as you have a concrete idea about your niche, you have a pass mark for your channels to grow.

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

One thing about the internet is that everyone who has a blog or site can just come up and post what so ever they like. Some bore you with pretty long ideas that make it hard for you to comprehend but that’s not what I am here to do. In some simple steps, I will show you how to grow your YouTube Channel. Here is how it’s done;

  • Make sure to post on your channel at least twice a week.
  • Create contents you can easily work on (they must be contented viewers will value to keep them coming back to you)
  • Always start your videos with a killer intro and end also with something interesting
  • Embrace the use of shorter titles that are keyword rich
  • Always, add end screens that display your other interesting contents (it keeps people longer on your channel and promotes it)

Produce quality videos with great editing

  • Use catchy thumbnails which attracts people to click
  • Do not deviate from the standard that keeps people coming to you except you have a solution or idea that makes your channel better (the law of replication)
  • Make sure to work on interrelated topics (It will carry viewers through your videos)
  • Produce videos within the range of 7 to 15 minutes (It improves watch time on your content)
  • Try to meet with other YouTubers and collaborate with them on certain important contents ( This can even be done online)
  • Learn to promote other peoples channels because they likely may return the favor
    Attach descriptive tags to your videos
  • Produce rich contents that do not leave the fun out of it
  • Embrace the use of Autoplay to keep people on your channel
  • Create short videos on social media about a particular content you have on your channel and link back to the content on your channel
  • Share your videos in your niche community


Learn to make the research at least once a week. The knowledge of the latest ideas people are employing on their contents can help you grow a lot. Do not rob yourself of this opportunity to grow.

Move with the train and don’t be used to the usual. Unlike blogging, where you need to post almost every day to grow your blog, YouTube doesn’t demand you post every day since it may take a longer time to produce a video.

But What Should I do you May Ask? For starters, make at least 2 videos every week; it will grow your channel. This is also to let you know, you can post as much content as you want because, the more you post, the better the chances of your channel ranking on YouTube.

That’s all it takes to How Do You Grow Your YouTube Channel. If you like this article, kindly share this post with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

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