Voodoo Review: User & Detailed Test


Are you a proprietor of a Shopify store? Assuming this is the case, do you ever end up trapped in an endless cycle with regards to sourcing new items?

In the event that you resonate with this issue, you may discover the Voodoo Manufacturing App valuable. In this way, we’ve composed a thorough review of this apparatus, to enable you to choose whether there’s potential for it to compliment you and your business goals.

What Does Voodoo App Do? 

Max Friefeld, the CEO of Voodoo Manufacturing, says it best;

“For anyone planning and selling a physical decent, understanding that thing manufactured can be the most challenging part of the procedure. Often, these business visionaries have to take several outings overseas, returning and forward with numerous merchants… Due to this tedious procedure, manufacturing has turned into a bottleneck in putting up new items for sale to the public. We launched Fulfilled by Voodoo to make manufacturing increasingly accessible, and we’re eager to perceive what creators do with FBV,”

To put it plainly, their vision is to make it easier for digital storekeepers to sell 3D printed items. They’re a full-stack manufacturing and satisfaction administration that allows you to launch and scale an online brand selling these sorts of merchandise.

Clients can connect their online business customer facing facades straightforwardly to Voodoo’s factory. That way entrepreneurs can redistribute the task of 3D printing, quality control, assembly, packaging, and sending completely over to Voodoo.

Obviously, this is a thorough administration that saves business visionaries a great deal of time. That way they can concentrate on other important employments like item improvement, development and client administration.

How Can It Work? 

When you’ve downloaded the app, Shopify merchants can create and redo a catalog of 3D printed items to offer to their clients.

Inside a matter of minutes, you can craft your first item, show it on your store, and offer it to clients all without having to have any 3D-plan aptitudes.

With the assistance Voodoo’s app, you can finetune your posting volume and spruce up your item stock without a moment to spare for Christmas.

Without the utilization of an app like this, Shopify merchants would have to experience the dull procedure of waiting for:

Item samples,

Coordinating professional item photograph shoots,

Utilizing and mastering the art of Photoshop,

Entrepreneurs would have to do all of the above themselves (and way more other than) or enlist somebody to complete these tasks-just to lay the foundations for selling 3D printed items.

So as you can see, Voodoo app offers a fast and easy answer for these traditional strategies.

How Can it Work? 

How about we break down how the procedure functions: 

1. You have to associate your Shopify store by downloading the Voodoo 3D print on demand app.

2. Then, you can tweak the housewares and other accessories you want to sell (all inside the app). Add your own plans and remarkable turn on the items they have available. This guarantees all the products you’re selling mirror your brand and appeal to your target demographic.

3. Presently, you can alter the item details to mirror whatever suits your plan of action best. Counting:




Tax information,

You get the idea!

4. When you’ve done all the above, your clients can purchase any of your Voodoo print on demand items legitimately from your Shopify store.

5. Your client requests are sent automatically to Voodoo Manufacturing’s factory. They then take the weight of printing and transporting the products straight to your clients.

Things You Need to Know About the Voodoo App 

It’s free for clients to install, which means you don’t have anything to lose by giving this administration a go-especially in case you’re running on a limited spending plan.

In case you’re an internet business entrepreneur seeking after either the print on demand or outsourcing plan of action, then you may discover this app handy. It doesn’t make a difference whether you’re a beginner or unbelievably experienced, you can harness this app to expand your item catalog.

In general, Voodoo App’s best utilized for selling seasonal items and classic housewares. In case you’re hoping to offer at no other time seen specialty items, it merits seeing what they have on offer.

How Does the Voodoo Manufacturing App Help Boost Holiday Sales?

This is the manner by which Voodoo App causes you make the majority of the Christmas sales surge:

You can broaden the final deadlines for client requests to Wednesday, December nineteenth (5 pm). This means you can appreciate an extra two weeks during the busiest sales time of the year. This is an extravagance in comparison to other favorite print on demand or outsourcing apps. These typically have earlier deadlines set to December fourth.

On a similar note, you can launch new items to market and sell unbelievably rapidly during the holidays. They enable you to create holiday-themed items to offer to clients temporarily as it were. This is a fabulous way of getting prospects to mass out their Christmas shopping. P.S. The dough shapers are an avid favorite this season.

What Do Other People Think of the Voodoo App? 

At present, you can see it’s achieved a 100% 5-star review on the Shopify app store. On this same store it’s also featured as a Staff Pick on the first page-how neat is that?!

This is what a couple of clients say about their involvement with the Voodoo App:

‘Easy to use with great item mockups! Eager to perceive what else I’ll have the option to make later on!’– Ashley Gates

‘I was exceptionally energized when I heard about this app and even created a Shopify store to make sure I could utilize it. I had been searching for an exceptional print-on-demand administration and 3D printed items distinct fit the bill. I’ve been exceptionally awed with the app up until now. I’ve never structured anything for 3D print and the directions were shockingly easy to pursue, and the application itself is extremely straightforward and easy to utilize. Client administration is great and I also love that they supply mockups for use in my store. I’m anticipating seeing the other items that will launch in the following couple of weeks so I can develop my store!’– Zulurosa

‘Love this app! It’s extremely easy to utilize. The instant rendering of your images is really awesome since it’s in 3D. The quality of the items themselves are really great and feel durable. They even incorporate your logo in the crate at no extra charge. I cherish that you can choose various hues for your items to be made out of. The potential outcomes are unfathomable. The help reaction as also been fast and intensive. Generation time is snappy and transportation is fast. So invigorating after dealing with long delivering occasions somewhere else. I’m really energized for when they launch the remainder of their product offering. Very suggested!’ – The Island Life

Advantages of the Voodoo App 

There are huge amounts of advantages to using the Voodoos app:

They offer your clients a two-day request satisfaction administration with the goal that you can guarantee your prospects an expedient conveyance.

Clients can appreciate superb every minute of every day client support. This guarantees you’re always able to make the vast majority of the app.

Shopify storekeepers can demand render templates to deliver advanced or tweaked item mockups

We adore that merchants are encouraged to recommend items to build up the Voodoo manufacturing catalog. They take the proposals of their clients in all respects genuinely. Strikingly, all of the items on offer right now were proposals by clients who utilized the app during the beta phase.

The potential outcomes for structures are virtually boundless: there are as many as 29 hues for you to browse, and a lot of styles for each of their items. This allows digital storekeepers to create products that are really one of a kind to their brand. This is essential for guaranteeing Shopify Merchants maintain a focused edge inside a packed marketplace.

You can utilize personalized packaging. This is amazing for communicating your brand to clients. All you have to do is give Voodoo Manufacturing your packaging plan, and their warehouse will sort the rest!

In addition to Shopify, Voodoo Manufacturing also offers a handy module that’s compatible with other internet business platforms. In any case, you may need to contact them for custom integrations.

Most importantly, Voodoo items are eco-accommodating, which means you can sell their items with a clear soul.


Here are a couple of examples of the 3D printed items they offer. All of them are relatively ease, which means there are good profit margins to be had.

Also, in the event that you purchase packaged item sets, you’ll improve the value of your request. At this stage in the review, it’s also significant there aren’t any forthright expenses.

Here’s a rundown of the present items Voodoo Manufacturing has on offer:

Custom Cookie Cutters 

All that you have to know: 

The cost of these starts from $5.00 for a 3.5″ cutout

There is definitely not a base request, all that’s required is the structure for your item. These dough shapers are available either as a solitary unit or an exclusively packaged theme set of one, two, three, four, or five units.

They’re available fit as a fiddle you could want.

Voodoo costs them at $5. In any case, their suggested retail cost is $11.00, which means there’s a potential profit of $5.

The size of these dough shapers largely relies upon the plan you select. Be that as it may, they generally measure: 3.5″ W x ~3.5″ L x .5″ H

Custom Coasters 

The starting expense for this item rests at $5. Notwithstanding, the proposed retail cost is $10, which means there’s a potential profit of $5.

These custom coasters are available in two styles — either a solitary square shading or dual-tone. As with the custom dough shapers, there is certifiably not a base request necessity. You can also create a coaster fit as a fiddle you can imagine.

Shopify merchants can purchase these in the accompanying sets: one, two, four, six, or eight.

All coasters boast the approximate measurements: 3.5″ W x 3.5″ L x .25″ H.

Custom Decorative Wall Hooks 

These custom decorative wall snares start at $7. The prescribed retail cost is $14, which allows for a potential profit of $7. Again there is certainly not a base request necessity, and they’re available either as a solitary item or as a packaged arrangement of one, two, three, or four wall snares.

Clients love these for hanging their: jackets, towels, bags, and keys. They’re a decent quality item because, they don’t damage walls and they’re unimaginably light, weighing only three pounds. Furthermore, they also accompany all that you have to install them accurately.

Naturally, their size varies on your decision of structure. Be that as it may, they generally measure: 2″ W x 6″ L x .2″ H in size.

Voodoo Manufacturing has announced that the accompanying items will be available soon:

Custom Catch-All Trinket Dishes: $7.00

Custom Wine Glass Tags: $6.50

Custom Word Rings: $5.00

Are There Any Drawbacks? 

The greatest drawback is that just Shopify clients can make the above all else of the advantages of this administration. It’s the Shopify app that gives you access to the customizable items.

In case you’re utilizing other online business platforms to run your store, you’ll need access to 3D printable documents to use Voodoo’s integration. Usually, this isn’t something entrepreneurs have to hand.

As such, to make the greater part of the app, you’ll have to enlist the skill of a graphic and/or item planner to draw up the mockups-which is often a convenient and exorbitant procedure. Consequently, except if you’re a Shopify client, it probably isn’t the app for you.


On the off chance that you claim a Shopify store and you’re hoping to add 3D printed items to your catalog, this offers a fabulous choice. As the app is allowed to download, you have everything to gain by testing it out!

In the event that you’ve utilized Voodoo’s app previously, we’d love to hear your contemplations the great, the bad, and the terrible. We always appreciate hearing from our readers along these lines, we should kickstart the discourse!

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