Tips to Login to Facebook Account | How to Login Facebook

Facebook is a top trending social media which connects you with family and friends all over the world. Below are some basic steps which enable you create a Facebook account and manage it.


How to Create Facebook Account

  • To create an account on Facebook, you can use any browser on your PC to enter the Facebook site
  • From the page displayed which contains login page and sign up page, go to the sign up page.
  • Provide information to the boxes on the sign up page, the information required include; your first name and surname, your email address or phone number, the password you want to use and you won’t forget which should be case sensitive, your date of birth and finally your sex.
  • After no inputting all the necessary information, and carefully reading the terms and conditions, click on “create an account”
  • Then you will be logged in into your own new Facebook account, more information will be required to update your profile

How to Login Facebook Account

In order to access the created account

  1. Visit the Facebook page again,
  2. Then in the login page, input your email address or phone number depending on the one you used to open the account, and your password
  3. Click login button and you are back to connect with family and friends
  4. You can keep your account logged in on the browser you are using by checking the box that says “keep me logged in” at the login page.

I believed this article has helped secure your Facebook account on which you can now connect with far and near friends.

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