Samsung Galaxy Note 6 release date & specifications


Samsung Galaxy Note 6 somewhat sooner than anticipated. One leaker has recommended it’ll come toward the beginning of August, as opposed to the mid-month release we had anticipated. 

While the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge nearly extends into phablet domain, Samsung fans should hang tight for the Galaxy Note 6 for a genuine 2016 lead phablet from the organization. 

One gossip has even proposed Samsung will skirt the Galaxy Note 6 and bounce to the Note 7 name for its next phablet also. It’s idea the organization needs to align it with the name of the Galaxy S arrangement. 

Be that as it may, while the Note 6 or Note 7 most likely won’t be with us until the last part of 2016 we’re as of now hearing gossipy tidbits about it. 

Different Details 

What’s going on here? Samsung’s next phablet 

When’s it out? Presumably August, it might be toward the begin 

What will it cost? It’s certain to be over the top expensive 

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 release date 

The Galaxy Note 6 – or Note 7 – will be reported in the week initiating August 15, however he has since gotten updated data recommending it’ll be declared around August 3. That is a little under about fourteen days sooner in the year than the Galaxy Note 5 declaration. 

Samsung regularly dispatches its Galaxy Note leaders during IFA, which this year is going on toward the beginning of September, so it’s conceivable that we’ll need to hold up to that point however. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 structure 

The structure of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6. Thunderings like the likelihood that it will be water and residue safe. A Weibo post echoes that guarantee, saying that it will be IP68 ensured. That is one gossip that appears to be likely, given that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is. 

The telephone will really look, however there’s a decent shot that it will look somewhat like the Samsung Galaxy S7, with a thin metal casing and a glass back. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 screen 

A 5.8-inch 1440 x 2560 screen, with the last asserting the presentation may be bended, however evidently Samsung hasn’t settled on that perspective yet. 

it will be in any event QHD, given that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is, and 5.8 inches would just be barely greater than that telephone’s 5.7-inch screen. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 camera and battery 

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will have a 12MP camera with Super OIS Plus. In spite of the fact that we’d generally prompt taking Weibo posts with a spot of salt. At that point again,GSM Helpdesk additionally asserts we’ll get a 12MP camera, so it could be valid, particularly as the Galaxy S7 has a similar spec snapper. 

While most camera bits of gossip are indicating a 12MP focal point PhotoRumors claims Samsung is taking a shot at another sensor that will be somewhere in the range of 18MP and 24MP and have a wide f/1.4 opening, which ought to enable it to take in a great deal of light. 

A similar post asserts that it will have an immense 4200mAh battery, which would be far bigger than the 3000mAh juice pack in the Galaxy Note 5 and somewhat greater than the 4000mAh it had recently been reputed to be. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 OS and power 

There’s discussion out of China that the Galaxy Note 6 will utilize a 2.6GHz quad-center Snapdragon 823 chip, which is so new it hasn’t been reported at this point. That chip, if the gossipy tidbits are correct, will basically be a somewhat quicker form of the Snapdragon 820, though with help for up to 8GB of RAM. 

Different tipsters on Weibo have additionally asserted the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will have a Snapdragon 823 chip, alongside 64GB, 128GB and maybe even 256GB of capacity. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 cost 

None of the holes so far have given a reasonable thought of cost for the Samsung Galaxy Note 6. We’d anticipate that a comparative cost should the Galaxy Note 5 however, which didn’t come modest. In the US the telephone retailed at about US$700 on the very first moment, so we’d expect over £500 or AU$950.

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