Time To Let The Phrase “Stock Android”


That Google would add more programming highlights to future Nexus gadgets, explicitly: You’ll see us ideally include more highlights top of Android on Nexus telephones… 

This to imply that stock Android on Nexus telephones is no more. That Google will start to separate simply like its accomplices, with restrictive highlights and programming, and that this denotes a move far from a cleaner translation of Android. This bodes well until you really consider it…. 

The majority of the accompanying applications that ship on Nexus telephones . 


Email (Gmail) 

Launcher (GNL) 

Camera (Google Camera) 

Envoy (and Hangouts) 

Exhibition (Google Photos) 




Search and voice control 

These applications are capable center cell phone capacities and administrations, and Google holds completely the majority of the keys to each and every application in that rundown. Without those applications and administrations, your Nexus telephone would suck. These are largely exclusive Google items, worked by Google, however with one key admonition: a considerable lot of them are accessible to Google’s different Android accomplices, thus have progressed toward becoming conflated with a “stock” or “unadulterated” understanding of the Android OS. 

The term stock as to Android initially alluded to an encounter that intently imitated the Android Open Source Project. Also, in the good ‘ol days, even from an end client point of view, AOSP Android was quite near the Android you jumped on a Google Nexus telephone like the Nexus One or Nexus S, simply short the Gapps bundle which included a couple of the above things. 

Android experience very doesn’t exist out in the market any longer, and except if you’re stacking a custom ROM or something to that affect, you’ll presumably never observe it again, in any case. What exists is Google’s Android. What’s more, that is the thing that we truly need to begin calling it. They’re simply Google items and administrations – they don’t characterize Android any more than Samsung S Voice or HTC Sense do. They’re simply additional items. 

The possibility that Google including Nexus-explicit programming highlights or administrations would make a less stock Android experience is absolutely and completely senseless. Nexus telephones don’t run stock Android to the extent the end client is concerned they don’t have an “unadulterated” programming background, and they aren’t by one way or another above debasement – this is cell phone my thos, plain and basic. 

what makes Nexus telephones extraordinary is that they are Google’s Android. Also, including more Google Android-explicit programming highlights to them wouldn’t be an alter of course, it would be simply one more advance forward on a similar way Google has been taking Nexus telephones throughout recent years.

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