How to Disable the Status – Instagram Online Operation 

How to Disable the Status - Instagram Online Operation 

One of the most popular social networks of this period is Instagram. It is a website that enables you to share with your friends and family photos and videos. Much like Whatsapp and Facebook messenger, Instagram recently launched a new feature that allows your followers to see when you last used Instagram. Personally, I don’t think it’s a nice feature and a violation of privacy. Now it’s just Twitter, where nobody has an idea whether you’re online or offline, even if you’re using the app. You can disable the last active function on Instagram if you are worried about your privacy and do not find this feature beneficial. In the app, it is called Action Status,” and it functions the same as last seen in Whatsapp.

Icon on Instagram

Instagram now defaults to displaying profiles for other users when you were last involved using the Instagram app. For example, if you’re currently using Instagram, other Instagram users will be able to see that you’re now using the app. If you make used the app exactly 23 minutes ago, it could be seen by other users too.

Some users of Instagram may enjoy broadcasting to the world exactly when they use that particular application. Privacy proponents and more casual Instagram users; on the other hand, do not enjoy broadcasting the use of applications to other users of Instagram.

If you wish to disable the Activity Status feature on Instagram so that no one can tell you when the Instagram app was last used, we’ll show you how to do it.

How to Disable Online Status Operation for Instagram Broadcasting

To find the Activity Status setting open, you can need to update the Instagram app to the most recent version:

Open the Instagram app and press the bottom corner of your profile icon.

Tap the Settings icon on the profile page now, and it looks like a little gear.

Open settings for Instagram

Scroll down to Options to find “Show Operation Status” and pick the OFF mode.

Disable Instagram Activity Status Broadcast online status

Exit Settings and, as usual, use Instagram.

You can no longer broadcast to everyone you follow or to everyone you connect with on the Instagram app when you last used the Instagram app with “Show Activity Status” disabled.

If you are not sure what this applies to or want a visual example, the following online status indicators, “Active now and “Active 27m ago,” as seen in the screenshot below, will no longer appear:

How to disable the broadcasting of Instagram online activities

One side effect of disabling Instagram’s Display Activity Status is that Instagram/Facebook has made it so that you would not be able to see other people’s activities on their accounts if you disable the feature, but that’s probably not much of a loss for most users unless you’re obsessed with seeing when other people use the social media image sharing app or are not using it.

Notice that this setting is allowed for each Instagram account, which means that if you use multiple Instagram accounts that you move between, you need to disable the setting for each account manually.

I was probably not aware of this ‘feature’ for many Instagram users, transmitting my personal app use and online history to other Instagram users. Still, once I noticed it, I instantly turned off the feature because I respect and prioritize privacy but don’t want to erase the account. But each of them had their own. Thanks for the tip from our friends at iPhone In Canada.

Yeah, and this is definitely for the iPhone, by the way, but it probably applies to Android Instagram users exactly the same.

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