Mac or PC’s media library from anywhere with younity for Android


Accessing your media library from different devices can be unnecessarily confounded. Need to share a photograph from your PC to your friends by means of Whats App for Android . you will spend several minutes moving things around. Need to use your Android gadget as a remote for streaming media on your PC to your TV? You probably won’t realize where to start. younity, accessible for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows, makes these tasks and numerous others simple.

Everybody has their very own setup and organization, yet most media server apps may expect you to change those things so as to work appropriately. With younity, you can have your media stored on various devices, on various working systems, and organized into any folders you like.

How it works

Beginning is as simple as downloading younity onto your desktop and the application will rapidly file the majority of your documents and media—no compelling reason to tell younity where your items are stored, it will discover everything for you.

First need the younity Android application installed. From there, you will see that younity organizes your media library in an easy-to-explore interface. On the off chance that your media library is spread across numerous computers, that is not an issue as long as every one has younity installed; you won’t have to recollect what is stored where with regards to time to browse on your Android gadget.

In the mean time, your information is secure. Not at all like using a cloud service, your media remains stored on your devices and your devices as it were. younity does not approach your stuff, younity simply helps you access your own information in an easy and advantageous way.

While using younity is very simple, there are just several things to remember when you get set up. The devices you use to access your media as well as the one where your media is stored need a Wi-Fi association, however you can download files for disconnected use later. The desktop where your library is stored should be connected to a power source as well, yet you don’t have to disable screensavers and such.

What younity can do

Suppose you have a motion picture stored on your desktop that you might want to watch on your home TV. You have several options, assuming you have a Chromecast or different means to associate with your TV, similar to a Roku, Apple TV, or have a smart Samsung TV.

You can cast your screen legitimately from the younity application to your Chrome cast so long as your gadget is running Android 5.1 or fresher. You can also use the Google Cast application in case you’re using an OEM-changed OS like Samsung’s.

The photograph you need to use in the younity application for Android. From there, simply use the share menu to share the picture to Instagram. At that point you’re finished! The photograph doesn’t stay on your gadget, which will surely be an alleviation to those who have exceptionally huge picture files on their PC.

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