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Facebook VS. Hinge – Online Dating Apps for Singles: I believe you might have heard about Hinge as a dating platform. In the same vein, you might have also used facebook to connect with online singles within your local community and outside your locals. Whichever way, in this article we want to talk about facebook dating vs. Hinge dating app. Continue reading below and please don’t hesitate to share this article with your friends and loved ones!!!

What distinguishes Hinge from other dating apps?

Facebook VS. Hinge

What similarities does Hinge Share with Facebook?

How to register for Hinge Account

Nobody wants to be unloved. Love, companionship, and intimacy albeit nonsexually is something a lot of people want to feel. Hope to feel. That is why people accept to go on blind dates. Double dates, or even put up personal information on the internet in hopes of snagging the right partner.

About Hinge: Hinge is a social application that was created with the sole aim of facilitating long term relationship and commitment. The emergence of technology has put at ease the hackle of going on blind dates and visiting clubs to meet someone you’re secretly hoping is “the one”.

Hinge looks at long term relationship. Commitment. So, if you’re looking into long term commitment, hinge might just be the right platform to facilitate that gorgeous relationship happening

What distinguishes Hinge from other dating apps?
The hinge app comes with unique features. Asides their major goal being to propound and provide a basis for people to meet and create something long term. It has a unique feature where it can be deleted.

The app is designed in a way that it’s users can delete their profile whenever they want. If perhaps, these users have met the love of their lives and have decided that the app has served its purpose, they can very well delete their profile and app permanently from their phones, tabs or Pc.

Facebook and Hinge
The hinge was previously hitched with Facebook at the beginning of it’s creation and gradual usage in 2018. The app poignantly requested the use of Facebook log in details to access its app.

But after the Facebook scandal that occurred in 2018, hinge created a new feature that allowed new and old members to set up profiles without linking their Facebook log in details to it. Although the logging in via facebook option has not been completely wiped off, it was made to become an option and not wholly mandatory.

What similarities does Hinge share with Facebook?
Hinge, like Facebook is a social platform. Both apps provide their users with features that promote their profiles. Facebook however is more versatile. While Hinge has a one-directional goal of bringing prospective partners together, Facebook can be utilized to buy and sell. Facebook has also overtime become a huge marketplace where users can advertise (paid and unpaid) goods and services

Interested in signing up on Hinge? Here’s how to do it

Download the Hinge app on playstore or Apple store for Android or iPhone

Fill out the required profile information

Provide your primary phone number

Now you’re ready to meet new people!

That is it on Facebook VS. Hinge – Online Dating Apps for Singles. I hope this article was helpful. Kindly share!!!

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