Tinder Kit By Facebook | Facebook For Tinder Kit

    Tinder Kit By Facebook | Facebook For Tinder Kit – Tinder is the most used dating app in the world and probably the best way to find a date or a relationship online. But a service with so many users is bound to have some hiccups from time to time, and failed login attempts are a very common Tinder problem.

    You are expected to sync your Tinder account with Facebook when signing up. This helps Tinder match you with people of similar interests, who are close to your geo-location. Facebook is the most popular social media platform. The logic is if you’re on Tinder you are probably also on Facebook‘s social media site.

    If you get a message such as this “Facebook login canceled”, when you try to log into your Tinder account, don’t worry. Continue reading and find multiple solutions for Tinder not working with Facebook permissions.

    Getting Started With Tinder

    If you want Tinder to work correctly, you need to take some steps to avoid any errors when registering an account.

    First off, you will need to download Tinder only from the official Google Play Store for Android or the Apple App Store for iPhone. It is compulsory you make use of an email you can access or in short terms, use a valid Gmail Account to sign up, the one you already use for your smartphone.

    If your Google account is synced with your phone, there should not be any issues. You will notice that your Google account is out of sync when you get a sync error dialog box, which may cause apps like Tinder to malfunction.

    Ensure the app is always updated. With the latest version of Tinder, everything should go smoothly. If you have problems with Facebook permissions, you will need to get it updated.

    Additionally, sync your device time and date to work properly, this is very important for Tinder to work properly.

    Tinder And Facebook Permissions Fix

    A lot of persons complain about having issues with Facebook permissions while using Tinder. You might get a Facebook Login Cancelled message while attempting to login to Tinder. This is a reoccurring issue, in spite of the fact that Tinder claims they fixed it some times ago.

    In most cases, resetting your password may cause problems with Facebook permissions, especially if you use another device (not your smartphone) to change the password.

    This refers to more than just changing your Tinder login information – issues may arise if you change your Google or Facebook passwords too.

    Follow these steps for a solution

    1. Open your smartphone and hover to access the Phone Settings menu (gear icon).
    2. Go to Applications and then tap on Manage Applications.
    3. Locate your Tinder app and tap it.
    4. Choose Clear Cache and Data.
    5. Lastly, reboot your smartphone and wait for a little while before turning it on.

    Now, you will need to try to log in to Tinder again. Usually, this method works, However, you still have another backup method to try if it doesn’t.

    Alternative Fix For Tinder Facebook Permissions

    In case the problem continues, you might need to take these additional steps to solve it. You should carry out a clean install of Tinder and change permissions for it on Facebook.

    Here is how toget that done:

    • First of all, you need to uninstall Tinder from your smartphone. This will not delete your account, only the app data stored on your phone.
    • Now open your Facebook account through a browser or the app.
    • Next, navigate to Settings.
    • On the next page, you will need to select Apps and Websites.
    • You will need to turn off the permission for Tinder and then turn it on again.
    • Now, log off Facebook on your phone (where you use Tinder).
    • To continue, you will need to log back into Facebook.
    • Next, go to App store or Play store and download Tinder again.
    • Lastly, install it and log in via Facebook.

    Those steps should be a definite fix for Tinder login problems.

    In case you do not want to link Tinder with your actual Facebook account, you can create a fake one, just for this occasion.

    This also works if you left Facebook or never used its services in the first place. As we all know, not everyone likes sharing their privacy on Tinder, which is understandable.

    Final Notes And Tips

    It is important to note here that keeping your Tinder app up-to-date is the number one way to avoid any issues with your login. Also, reinstalling the app is the other solution, followed by a system reboot. Some users have encountered issues logging into Tinder using their mobile data, so make sure you are using a Wi-Fi connection to log in.

    Lastly, you can try using the official Tinder website if none of the solutions for the app work. In case nothing works, consider messaging Tinder support team, explain your problem in detail, and ask them for help.

    That is it on Tinder Kit By Facebook | Facebook For Tinder Kit. Kindly share!!!

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