how to get boogie down emote

how to get boogie down emote

How To Get Boogie Down Emote

Everyone should dance; it is not just for music enthusiasts, musicians, or even partygoers. Everyone should dance. Fortnight has taken it a step further by distributing the free boogie Down Fortnite emote dance. The boogie down gesture must be familiar to fans of the fantastic game Fortnight.

Boogie Down Emote

As everyone is aware, the boogie down emote dance is an award provided to followers for turning on two-factor authentication on their account. Fans benefit from enhanced account security and a free dance in this win-win scenario.

The new Fortnite patch includes this dance. The new boogie down emote is a great cool feature or dance to have and show off to your buddies, as the name implies.

Two-Factor Authentication On Fortnite

As I previously stated, obtaining this dance is simple; all you need to do is enable two-factor authentication on your account. In order to effectively safeguard your account on Fortnite, the two-factor authentication approach essentially involves double-verifying it.

This has a straightforward and advantageous meaning. Because if someone accidentally guesses your Fortnite account information, like your password, we still have an issue. This is because two-factor authentication requires a second form of identification before someone may access your account.

Therefore, in addition to improving account security, you also receive the free boogie down emote Dance to impress your friends.

How To Get Boogie Down Emote

You are already aware of how simple it is to perform the boogie down emote. It is as simple as turning on your account’s two-way security factor. The only issue right now appears to be how to make your Fortnite account two-factor authenticatable.

So stop searching because I’ll show you exactly how to enable the two-factor on your Fortnite account in the steps below.

The first step is to access your Fortnite account by clicking this Link.
You may access your “Security settings” by clicking Password and Security from the account settings page.

The next step is to click either Enable Authenticator App or Enable Email at the bottom of the page where it says “Two Factor Authentication.”

authentication using your account’s two-way factor.