How to check spectranet balance

How to check spectranet balance

How to check balance and expiry date on spectranet

Overseeing information has turned into a propensity for most Nigerians except if you are utilizing a spectranet limitless information plan. To oversee successfully, there will be a need to check spectranet information balance every once in a while.

Checking spectranet is only one of the multiple ways of understanding how your information endures and assuming somebody has been utilizing it without your insight, the time has come to devise how to stay away from such events.

Clients who buy new spectranet mifi will get free information to use during the day and free limitless information to use from 1 am till 7 am. There is additionally BLAZE CPE that accompanies limitless information for the afternoon and night. No limitation except for peruse, stream and download the manner in which you need.

Blast CPE has two bundles, on the off chance that you really want limitless spectranet information, go for the one with limitless information plan.

This article will just zero in on how you can check your equilibrium and expiry date on spectranet.

How to check spectranet data balance and its expiry data

  • To check spectranet data balance, visit
  • Click on the “menu” to reveal the options on the spectranet’s website.
  • Locate “selfcare” and select it.
  • Enter your userID and password given to you by spectranet when you got your spectranet mifi or modem.
  • On the dashboard, you will be able to access your spectranet data balance and expiry date.
  • Lastly, always try to change to change your spectranet login details after purchase.


You’re in luck if you reside in one of the states or cities where spectranet does business. Unquestionably one of the greatest internet service providers, Spectranet offers some excellent packages.

You need a spectranet mifi or modem to take advantage of this service. Many devices, including a computer and a smartphone, can be connected via the spectranet mifi. Additionally, users can connect their own devices. This is advantageous for customers of spectranet’s unlimited data plans.

You can contact customer service on spectranet or go to any nearby spectranet stores if you need assistance configuring your spectranet router.