Gamesnostalgia safe

Gamesnostalgia safe

How we keep GamesNostalgia safe from viruses and malware

Running a website with over 1000 games and over 2000 files places us in a position of great responsibility for the safety of the PCs and Macs that will download those files.

Our visitors are aware that GamesNostalgia is a meticulously curated website that does not spam or overburden its pages with aggressive advertising and only offers high-quality content. We want to keep our good name, and the last thing we want to hear is that someone got a virus after downloading a file from our website. That is why we take all necessary precautions.

The “safety” measures are summarized below:

Server-side generated packages

First thing, most of the game coverings that you can download from GamesNostalgia are not made on a Windows or a Mac PC. They are made naturally on a server.

The server runs Linux, which diminishes the opportunity that the documents got tainted by a Windows or Mac infection.

A duplicate of the most recent renditions of the necessary emulators (e.g., FS-UAE for Amiga games) is saved money on the server. The emulator is moved straightforwardly from the source site to our server, and that implies the emulator can’t get tainted during the exchange.

This is valid, in the majority of the cases, additionally for the first DOS or Amiga games. For instance, the Amiga “whdload” bundles needn’t bother with to be downloaded on a client PC. They are moved straightforwardly to the GamesNostalgia server, where the bundle is made. It’s all programmed, and, surprisingly, for the situation that an infection taints the PC that I’m utilizing to type this article, the game documents on the server will not be contaminated.

Kindly additionally note that the first games’ documents can’t get contaminated by “current” infections or trojans. In the event that they contain an infection, it’s an Amiga or C64 infection, and this malware can’t be moved to your PC or Mac. The main thing that can get tainted is the emulator, yet as portrayed previously, this product is downloaded just a single time, from its source site to the Games Nostalgia server straightforwardly. Except if the emulator’s maker appropriates a contaminated record (dicey), the bundles are protected.

Also, after the document is created, we generally download it to our PC or Mac to test the game. This implies there’s likewise a client-side check, as depicted in the following section.

Packages created on PC or Mac

Some packages are processed remotely, while others require work on a PC or a Mac. This is the case with old Windows games (e.g., Hercules and Road Rash).

It goes without saying that both the PC and the Mac that we use are secure. We use Avira PRO on the PC and F-Secure on the Mac. After creating the packages, they are compressed and uploaded to the server. However, the initial antivirus check is not the only one; there is another security level, which is described in the following point.

Server-side antivirus check

Furthermore, ClamAV antivirus is installed on the Linux server where all of our files are stored. Every day, a cron job scans all of the packages. Because the virus database is constantly updated, old game archives are checked for new viruses on a regular basis. Only once in three years of GamesNostalgia has a package been reported as infected with malware. It was most likely a false positive; in fact, we downloaded and scanned the game, and it was clean. In any case, the package was uninstalled and replaced.

Worst case scenario

Alright, so the games are perfect on the server, however what happens programmers break into the server? Is that conceivable?

Obviously, it is. We took all the standard safety efforts, yet no server can be thought of as 100 percent secure. Assuming a few terrible programmers choose to go into our server, with the necessary time and required assets, they would have the option to make it happen. On the off chance that they hacked Apple, Twitter, and every one of the top organizations, how wouldn’t they be able to have the option to hack GamesNostalgia? Assuming they enter, they could erase everything, or they could contaminate a few games with Melissa or other infections, who can say for sure.

Frankly, I profoundly question they will burn through cash attempting to enter since we have nothing significant for them. In any case, suppose that this occurs. Regardless of whether we notice it (far-fetched) and programmers truly taint a game, we would get lots of messages from furious individuals, and the site would be closed down right away – I truly trust this won’t ever occur.

Why does Windows Defender report a trojan in our games?

Alright, so assuming all the above is valid, why certain individuals get admonitions from their antiviruses? Indeed, there is a thing called “bogus positive”. Since old games present abnormal examples to the antiviruses, now and again they assume they are contaminated, however they are not. We likewise found an issue with Windows Defender that can’t peruse most extreme pressure 7zip chronicles appropriately. Here and there Windows Defender tracks down an infection/trojan/malware in our documents, however these are misleading up-sides. In the event that you need, deactivate Defender, download the document and concentrate it. From that point forward, you can rerun an infection filter on the game organizer. You will see that the records are perfect.

Said that, in the event that you actually have no faith in us, feel free not to download anything from this webpage.