fallout 3 bobbleheads guide

fallout 3 bobbleheads guide

Fallout 3: Bobblehead Locations Guide

During the main questline of this game, players are very likely to come across at least one Fallout 3 bobblehead. There are a total of 20 of these adorable little figurines scattered around the world, each one modeled after the image of the series’ mascot, the Vault Boy.

Each of these provides a permanent boost to one of your game abilities, making them far more useful than simple collectibles. They give you more options when it comes to finalizing your character build, even going so far as to allow you to play the game without leveling up.

So, this guide will show you where to find all 20 Fallout 3 bobbleheads in the Capital Wasteland.

Fallout 3 Bobblehead Locations Guide

Seven of the twenty Fallout 3 bobbleheads in the game boost your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats, while the remaining thirteen boost your Character Skills. Stats are only increased by one point; a total of ten points boosts all while skills.

It should also be noted that if an ability has already been fully upgraded, collecting its corresponding bobblehead has no effect.

We strongly advise players to go collect these collectibles before maxing out their characters. Better yet, plan ahead of time for the boosts.

Special Bobbleheads

These are all of the bobbleheads that increase your stats.

  • Strength: As soon as you enter the town of Megaton, Sheriff Lucas Simms’ house can be seen to your right. You have to pick an Average lock to get inside, after which the Strength bobblehead can be found on the desk in the second-floor bedroom. If you choose to blow up the town during the quest ‘The Power of the Atom,’ then the house will be destroyed alongside the item.
  • Perception: In the northeastern corner of the Capital Wasteland, players will find a small community known as the Republic of Dave. The Perception bobblehead can be seen on a bookshelf in the building called the Museum of Dave.
  • Endurance: To the southwest of Fort Constantine, there is a cave called the Deathclaw Sanctuary. As soon as you enter this location, walk down the ramp and search a small elevated platform near the brahmin corpse to find the Endurance bobblehead.
  • Charisma: Vault 108 can be located to the direct south of Canterbury Commons, and it is populated by a bunch of clones. The Charisma bobblehead is found in the observation room next to a microscope.
  • Intelligence: You can reach the Science Lab of Rivet City from the upper deck of the location. In the lab centre, the Intelligence bobblehead can be found on a table next to some fruits and vegetables.
  • Agility: The Greener Pastures Disposal Site is located to the northwest of the Temple of the Union. On a desk in the office, players will find the Agility bobblehead next to an Average locked terminal.
  • Luck: Arlington House can be found in the Arlington Cemetery North location. If you go into the basement of this building, the Luck bobblehead can be taken from a bookshelf on the west wall.

Skill Bobbleheads

The following are all of the bobbleheads that increase your skills.

  • Barter: There is an old factory to the east of Smith Casey’s Garage called Evergreen Mills. If you fight your way through this location, you will gain access to a merchant shop towards the end. The Barter bobblehead can be found on a shelf here.
  • Big Guns: Fort Constantine is a large military base in the northwest of the Capital Wasteland. If you enter the CO Quarters building in this location, you can find the Big Guns bobblehead in a safe in the basement.
  • Energy Weapons: Players will visit Raven Rock as part of the ‘Finding the Garden of Eden’ and ‘The American Dream’ quests. Once here, they can find the Energy Weapons bobblehead on a desk in Colonel Autumn’s bedroom.
  • Explosives: The WKML Broadcast Station can be found to the south of Fort Constantine. There is a maintenance hole cover behind the station that leads to a small radio room with the Explosives bobblehead.
  • Lockpick: Northwest of Washington D.C, you can find the location of Bethesda Ruins. If you search the second floor of the Bethesda Offices East, the Lockpick bobblehead can be found on a desk with a working lamp.
  • Medicine: Vault 101 is the location where the prologue of Fallout 3 takes place. Before you leave this area, search inside James’ clinic on the lower level to find the Medicine bobblehead.
  • Melee Weapons: The Dunwich Building is a ruined structure located at the southwestern point of the map. The Melee Weapons bobblehead can be found on the ground near the end of the Virulent Underchambers.
  • Repair: Arefu is a small settlement to the northwest of Vault 106. Pick the Average lock on Evan King’s House to find the Repair bobblehead on a table inside.
  • Science: North of the Jury Street Metro Station, players can find Vault 106. The Science bobblehead can be found inside the room with the deranged survivor.
  • Small Guns: To the northwest of Vault-Tec Headquarters, a compound called the National Guard Depot. Players have to enter the armoury to take the Small Guns bobblehead, but it can only be unlocked via a third-floor switch.

Exputer’s Fallout 3 Bobblehead Locations guide has concluded. We hope it will assist you in completing your collection.