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    Are you looking for a guide on facebook pay? Or are you wondering how does Facebook pay works?

    This article is all about how to set up facebook pay. Yes, we will take a concise look at how to use Facebook pay.

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    Thus, this article has a lot packaged for you and your friends. All you need to do is to continue reading this guide:

    How To Create Facebook Account

    Every feature on facebook can only be accessed by accessing your account first on the platform. That is to say that if you don’t have an account on facebook, you will need to signup for one. Below are the processes you need to follow to easily create a facebook account:

    1. Visit on your browser
    2. Next, click on the create new account option on the facebook homepage
    3. Now, you will need to enter your required information
    4. Click signup option
    5. Copy and type the code sent to you in the space provided
    6. Lastly, click submit

    That is how to create facebook account via the official facebook page. For those of us that want to use facebook app on mobile devices, you will need to visit either the play store or app store, download and install the app.

    Login once you are done setting up the facebook app and you will be taken to your profile on the platform.

    What is Facebook Pay?

    Facebook pay service is an easy process once users already have an existing Facebook account. However, in order to get the setting up your Facebook pay account. users need to carefully read and understand the basic fact about Facebook pay and also how the services work.

    What is Facebook Pay? This service was specially created and also a designed programmed feature.

    In order for users to make online cash transfer in an easy and simple way. Besides, it was also recorded that users cannot access the services outside Facebook online or App. Meanwhile, users have granted access to make use of the app on the following: Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

    Regarding our findings, we discover that Facebook has now brought in commercial activities. Whereby, users can make an online payment and transfer in a convenient, accessible, and safer to the opponent.

    Besides, Facebook Pay is recoded to be Facebook’s big innovation in sending money online with ease. Meanwhile, users can make use of Facebook pay special features to split bills with friends or be used as a service to order items online.

    How Does the Facebook Pay Features Works?

    Hence, the Facebook Pay feature isn’t a standalone app. But a running feature right on the Facebook platform and messenger app. Meanwhile, users can make use of the services via their official website or Facebook mobile app.

    How does the Facebook Payment Work?

    Nevertheless, once users are able to sign up and also have chosen a payment method. Then users can utilize the purpose of the online payment app. Either to pay friends, business partners and buy items online exchange money. With a recipient from any of the Facebook apps like {Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and what apps}.

    How to Set Up Facebook Pay on Facebook

    This is will be an easy process for you once you are able to read this content carefully. Although, you need to create a Facebook account if you don’t any. Then it is will be easy for users to carry out a Facebook pay set up directly within other apps like Instagram and WhatsApp in the nearest future.

    Once you have created account from your Facebook Newsfeed. Here are the things you need to do next to get started with facebook pay:

    1.Go to the top right corner of the facebook page and click the v-shaped icon,

    2. Click “Settings & Privay” from the dropdown menu

    3. Click Settings again on the next dropdown

    4. Next, locate and click “Facebook Pay

    5. Now, you will need to add your optional payment methods. The payment method is either by credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

    6. To complete the process, you will need to follow the on-screen payment setup instruction.

    7. To add an extra layer of security, you will need to click on the top options of creating a PIN. Or activating your device’s information before you can get started with payment.

    That is it on Facebook Pay – How Does Facebook Pay Work | How to Set Up Facebook Pay. Kindly share!!!

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