All About Facebook Ads Options – Facebook Ads | How to Access Facebook Ads Manager

    All About Facebook Ads Options – Facebook Ads | How to Access Facebook Ads Manager: When you want to start running Facebook Ads, there are so many Facebook Ads Options you would want to choose from.

    Interestingly, it’s advisable for you to choose the best ad option for your Facebook  Ads so you can really get what you want.

    For those of us that would want to know, Facebook Ads options could be the ad format or the objective you for the ad.

    The giant social media platform, Facebook is a great tool for running ads to generate more sales, get traffic, and awareness for your business online. Facebook is pretty simple to set up with the right tips and aim in mind.

    So long as Facebook has over 2.2 billion active monthly users, making it easy for you to reach the ideal client you want for the business.

    Facebook Ads Options

    As a businessman or woman, to achieve success with Facebook Ads, you would need to choose the right options for the ad. Facebook Ads Options consist of the format, placement, objective, and targeting.

    To use Facebook to create Facebook Ads, you will need to have a Facebook profile account or a facebook page which could be fan page, business page or personal page.

    Ads formats Options

    On Facebook, there are varieties of ads format you can select from to make your ad. The Facebook Ad formats are as follows;

    • Photo Ads.
    • Video Ads.
    • Carousel Ads
    • Collection Ads
    • Slideshow Ads
    • Lead Ads.
    • Dynamic Ads
    • Messenger Ads
    • Instant Experience ad.
    • Link Ads.
    • Canvas Ads.

    The above are some of the facebook ad options you can choose from create and set up your Advert on Facebook.

    Ads Objective

    There are varieties of objectives to choose from for your Ads. Each objective you choose has its own uniqueness and goal. Ad objective options on facebook are as follows;

    • Brand Awareness.
    • Reach.
    • Traffic.
    • Engagement.
    • App installs.
    • Video Views.
    • Lead generation.
    • Product Catalog sales.
    • Messages.
    • Conversions.
    • Store Visits.

    The above is the objective you can select from to make your ad on facebook social media platform.

    Placement Options

    You have the choice of selecting the places you want the Ad to appear on facebook. The placement you choose for the ad is the places it will appear for people to see and interact with it. The placement options are;


    • Feed.
    • Instant Articles.
    • In-Stream Videos.
    • Right Column.
    • Marketplace.
    • Stories.


    • Feed.
    • Stories.

    Audience Network:

    • Native, Banner, and Interstitial.
    • In-Stream Videos.
    • Rewarded Videos.


    • Inbox.
    • Sponsored Messages.

    The placement you select is the destination the Ad would head to.

    Facebook Ad Targeting Options

    There is a large amount of targeting options with facebook ads that aid businesses get their advert to the right audience for it to be effective. The targeting options are;


    Such as;

    • Age (18 and above).
    • Language.
    • Gender.
    • Relationship.
    • Education.
    • Work.
    • Location.


    Such as;

    • Entertainment.
    • Business and industry.
    • Family and relationship.
    • Fitness and wellness.
    • Food and drinks.
    • Hobbies and activities.
    • Sports and outdoors.
    • Technology.

    Life Events

    Such as;

    • Birthdays.
    • Relationships.
    • Family.
    • Professional.
    • Home and Living.
    • Lifestyle and Financial

    Such as;

    • Net Worth.
    • Travel.
    • Seasonal and Events.
    • Expats.
    • Residential Profiles.
    • Connections

    Such as;

    • App Users.
    • Events.
    • Facebook page visitors.
    • Behavior

    Such as;

    • Automotive.
    • Business to Business.
    • Charitable donations.
    • Digital Activities.
    • Mobile Device user.
    • Purchase behavior.

    Retarget Ads

    Such as;

    • Site Visitors.
    • Email Lists.
    • Phone Numbers.
    • Facebook User IDs.
    • Video Views.

    When running Facebook Ads, those are the Ad options you would look at. Endeavour to choose wisely the one you want for the ad you want to create.

    That is it on All About Facebook Ads Options – Facebook Ads | How to Access Facebook Ads Manager. I hope this article was helpful. Kindly share!!!

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