9mobile balance code

9mobile balance code

How to check 9mobile account balance

Do you no longer know how to check your 9mobile balance? Little has changed in the services provided by this network despite the change in ownership and brand from Etisalat to 9mobile.

The various USSD codes, tariff plans, and data plans are mostly unchanged. And all of these codes are applied in the same manner to mobile devices running any platform, including Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc. Information on how to check your 9mobile balance is provided below.

How to check account balance on 9mobile

On 9mobile, checking the remaining airtime is easy and quick. On 9mobile, the USSD code to verify your account balance has not changed. *232# is the USSD code to dial. Your account balance will be seen on your phone right away when you call this code. Additionally, an SMS with your account balance will be sent to you.

The airtime balance check code is the same for all of the 9mobile plans that are currently offered, including MoreTalk, MoreCliq, MoreFlex, MoreLife, MoreFlex evolution, TalkZone, and CliqLite. Keep in mind that this is simply for determining your airtime balance. When you use this code to check your airtime balance, it’s possible that your data bonus from your tariff plan airtime recharge won’t be shown. A different code is necessary if you wish to check your data balance. I have also decided to include the code for determining the data balance below.

How to check data balance on 9mobile

*228# is the USSD code to use to check your 9mobile data balance. You can confirm and check the balance using this code if you have a data bonus from your tariff plan airtime recharge. The status, balance, and expiration date of a data plan can all be determined using the same code. Another option is to check the balance of the data. You can send the text “INFO” to 228 in an SMS instead of dialing the USSD code to get information about your internet plan, data balance, and expiration date.

This information, we hope, has been useful. You can read some of our other postings or go to the 9mobile website at http://9mobile.com.ng for additional details regarding the tariff plans and data services offered by 9mobile. You can also call 200 and follow the voice prompt to connect with a customer service representative. We appreciate you being here.