Things about Android Nougat to chew on

The long-foreseen name of the most up to date version of Android was at long last uncovered today as Android Nougat. 

We at long last have a name and can stop considering it the tauntingly inadequate Android N. “N” was an update that this Android was still to some degree a secret, a code-name simply hanging tight for a sweetened up moniker. Its name was in beta, much the same as the new working framework itself. 

I detest nougat 

some nougat is rich and scrumptious, similar to what you’d find in a Snickers bar, however Google has appended Android N to my least most loved nougat. The benevolent adheres to your chick-lets and feels like it’s truly giving you pits as you eat it. 

I realize this isn’t an astute observation, yet the way that I as of now loathe nougat gives me bizarre sentiments about a portable working framework named after it. It doesn’t actually look good for our future together. 

Since we have a name, are new Nexus phones straightaway? 

The enormous date on the horizon is “pre-fall” as that is when Android Nougat is discharging to the wild, Google says, however that doesn’t mean consumers will really observe Android 7 around then. 

New versions of Android are notoriously moderate to achieve clients since transporters hold the keys to the OS conduits. In any case, we’re discussing an entirely different version of Android here – might Google discharge another Nexus to stamp its landing? 

While another, reasonably evaluated gadget may bode well before school gets into session, the planning would be odd for Google to declare a Nexus, as indicated by our Senior Mobile Editor Matt Swider. 

He theorizes that Google will in truth hold up until Android Nougat 7.1 to discharge another Nexus, along with Daydream VR support. 

I’m slanted to concur, first due to the planning – another Nexus discharge bodes well around the occasions – and second since it appears as though Google would need to put out a Daydream-prepared gadget to take care of business on its VR adventure just as siphon up the new OS. 

What happens when we get to Android Z? 

Despite everything we have 12 letters to go, what happens when we get to Android Z? Zeitgeist? Zebra? Zero Bars are a thing, as indicated by the web. 

This is to state, how feasible is Google’s Android naming plan since we’re getting into the more troublesome, less prevalent letters of the letters in order? 

It’s a comparative question asked of the iPhone: iPhone 7, 8 and 9 aren’t too insane, however would we say we are truly going to have an iPhone 10? It’s exceptionally far fetched. 

Google still has a lot of time before it keeps running into Android U, yet it might need to begin thinking about a leave system now. 

Is Android Nougat truly what the general population needed? 

Google requested that the general masses help it name this version of Android, however is Nougat truly what we voted in favor of? 

I had my questions, however, as indicated by Google, Android Nougat was one of the most well known non-marked proposed names among millions of submissions. An organization spokesperson noticed that from the get-go the Android group said it would settle on the last naming decision. 

I would have favored Android Nacho, however that is hazardous on a few dimensions, not least since nachos are not a sweet confection. Android Nutella is a strong second for me, however without a brand tie-in, similar to Android Kit Kat had, I’m additionally not astonished it didn’t make the cut, either. 

Nougat, is a characteristic decision, however it doesn’t feel especially propelled. It’s so unsurprising, it’s exhausting. What’s more, chewy – how about we not overlook that. 

Android O, goodness, gracious 

There are still a great deal of questions encompassing Android Nougat, and keeping in mind that it won’t achieve advertise saturation for a long while, it’s not very right on time to begin pondering Android O. 

Odds are we’ll hear bounty about O at Google IO 2017, which will be here in under year. 

What highlights will Google present in the following version of Android? One prediction is improved talk integration, including consolidating its new Allo application in with the general mish-mash without overpowering consumers with conversational customer decision. 

Yet, as you may have speculated, I’m likewise intensely put resources into its name. What delectable treat will Android O be named after? Oreo? Circle? Goodness Henry!? Orville Redenbacher?

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