Stihl FSA Cordless Trimmer Reviews: Overview, Pricing and Features


Consolidating unparalleled usability with calm, effective cutting in a slick and spectacularly well-designed bundle, the Stihl FSA 56 Cordless Grass Trimmer is a genuine 5-star entertainer accessible at an extraordinary cost.

What is the Stihl FSA 56? 

At simply 3.2kg (counting battery), the Stihl FSA 56 Cordless Grass Trimmer is the organization’s excessively lightweight and calm interpretation of a cordless grass trimmer. It packs in a tallness flexible shaft, simple modify handle position and intense 36v execution from its battery-powered battery.

One of the lightest and best-adjusted trimmers we’ve utilized, the FSA 56 is a star entertainer on the garden because of its 280mm cutting circle, strong 20-minute run-time and powerful knock line feed. It’s astoundingly quieted for Sunday strimming, is unequivocally assembled and, at under £200 including battery and charger, is remarkable worth as well.

Stihl FSA 56 – Design and highlights 

The FSA 65 is a battery fueled grass trimmer, some portion of Stihl’s Compact Cordless arrangement of greenhouse apparatus intended for home use in plant enclosures of medium size and upwards. The strimmer tried here is accessible as an uncovered apparatus, or comes bundled with the fundamental AK10 36v battery promising as long as 20 minutes’ run-time and the passage level AL101 dock charger. At under £200 in this unit structure, Stihl is offering a ton of hardware for the cash here.

There’s no deficiency of helpful highlights on offer with a movable stature shaft, flexible circle handle and a delicate grasp principle handle with well-set lock-discharge and trigger. The battery embeds in two phases into the backside of the machine. The main position holds the battery safely, yet guarantees it isn’t associated with the engine for wellbeing while at the same time shipping the strimmer. Push it further and it adjusts solidly properly prepared to go.

Down at the business end, the engine sits legitimately over the cutting zone, offering a decent estimated 280mm cutting range. A flip-down metal watchman ensures uprights in case you’re strimming near fragile greenhouse trimmings or outskirts. It’s effectively hearty enough to serve as a hanging circle, yet this isn’t explicitly prescribed by Stihl.

The orange flotsam and jetsam redirector has a strong line limiter cutting edge to trim the line to length. It’s a straightforward screw-on fit so can be effectively evacuated to hone or supplant. The cutting head and line offer a knock feed, promising to nourish out more line when you knock it on the ground. From our experience, these seldom function admirably – yet the evidence will be in the knocking.

The provided line is a semi-bulky 1.6mm in width on a 4-meter line-feed spool. Substitutions incorporate the spool so you just swap out the entire unit instead of wind on free line to your old spool. For heavier work, a 2.0mm width line spool is likewise accessible for the FSA 56.

Stihl FSA 56 – Battery, charging and run time 

In standard minimized unit structure as tried, the FSA 56 accompanies Stihl’s AK10 1.5Ah battery and the AL101 charger offering a 1.6Ah yield. The charge will take the AK10 from level to 100% in around 1hr 20mins and convey 20 minutes’ run-time. Notwithstanding, for bigger gardens you have various choices. The AK20 is 3Ah battery multiplying the run-time to 40 minutes and the AK30 is an incredible 5Ah pack with an hour’s cutting time.

Energize time goes similarly, and keeping in mind that the AL101 could be faster, it isn’t the slowest charger we’ve attempted by a long edge. On the off chance that you plan to strim and park-up until the grass needs consideration once more, the battery can be left in the dock uncertainly. In that capacity, charge time is maybe scholarly for most home clients.

The block like battery spaces all through the accusing dock of straightforwardness and four green LED pointers consider up its charges. Similar pointers show battery charge level in four portions, tallying down when you press the air pocket catch to one side of the LEDs. The entire battery and charging outfit is very much structured with extraordinary fit, and clasps to keep everything secure. In any case, does it convey?

Gracious, yes. On many coordinated runs, we figured out how to get a reliable 19-20 minutes run-time from a completely energized AK10 battery pack. On the off chance that you will in general do stop-begin cutting, around bloom beds or spot cutting, for instance, the all out run-time is quite minimal longer as the battery keeps cooler. We reliably got as long as 21 minutes during begin quit cutting.

While 20 minutes doesn’t sound like a great deal of run-time, you’ll be astonished at the measure of cutting you can do with the FSA 56 on a solitary charge. This is apparently because of its extraordinary cut exhibition and immaculate parity, which makes perseverance cutting in 20-minute sessions a breeze.

Stihl FSA 56 – What is it like to utilize? 

Having experienced an absurd number of grass trimmers throughout the years at the ranch and through testing for Trusted Reviews, the FSA 56 comes as something of a disclosure. It’s light in the hand and the equalization demonstrates completely flawless.

The movable shaft tallness implies pretty much anybody can get that parity without flaw, with the battery weight at the back impeccably countering the engine at the cutting end. Being cordless, there are no links to haul around or overwhelming petroleum motor under your armpit. That all means making the FSA 56 feel like a pixie wand; it’s so amazingly simple to hold and utilize.

There’s nothing lightweight about its presentation, be that as it may. The 28cm cutting circle tears through tall, wet grass effortlessly and even had a decent endeavor at heavier scour utilizing only the provided 1.6mm line. Turn speed is sufficiently high to convey an exceptionally spotless grass cut and there’s almost no moderating when the going gets overwhelming. The wire gatekeeper functions admirably for avoiding outskirts. Flip it up, and you can get in truly near edges.

This model doesn’t have a turning head, which makes it somewhat trickier to use for garden edging obligations. As our yards are for the most part edged with rock, any rotating edging device is a catastrophe waiting to happen in any case, so this wasn’t an issue for us. Fortunately, the FSA 56 is light enough to just flip over in the event that you truly need to edge with a strimmer.

Indeed, even the knock feed was a demonstration of Stihl’s building. We once in a while get knock line feed components to work after a couple of runs, since the framework stops up with wet grass or plastic clasps on the spools wear out. Not so with the FSA 56, which continued encouraging line on each knock. Swapping out the entire spool, as opposed to simply supplanting the line, certainly helps here. While that is somewhat more costly than purchasing a free line, it should keep the knock feed running uncertainly.

Most discernibly, this simple to-utilize execution comes without the weight, clamor, warmth or smell of an also measured, two-stroke oil strimmer. We gauged the FSA 56’s clamor yield at simply 80dB running free (ear stature above cutting head), ascending to around 85dB when cutting long grass. That is the best piece of 15dB calmer than our old petroleum strimmer, making ear-safeguards simply discretionary.

Why purchase the Stihl FSA 56? 

A little while on test and the FSA 56 remained only completely great. Its mix of light weight and parity is unparalleled among trimers we’ve tried, and the flexible length shaft ensures anybody can accomplish that ideal parity.

Cut execution and taking care of are five star, the knock feed worked immaculately, and the AK10 battery conveyed on its guaranteed 20 minutes of working time, over and over. There are a lot of other Stihl battery alternatives and considerably heavier measure line spools accessible for bigger yards and harder occupations as well.

To top all that, the FSA 56 is one of the calmest grass trimmers we’ve had the joy to utilize, and comes in at an alluring £200 or less for the total pack. That is altogether extraordinary all around.

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