State Bank of India: Everything You Need To Know

State Bank of India: In this article, I am going to be sharing with you everything you need to know about State Bank of India. Continue reading below and please don’t forget to share it with your friends and loved ones!!!

State Bank of India, the country’s largest lender, offers a fast missed call service for account balance inquiries, loan inquiries, mini statements, blocked ATM cards, and more.

So, with only a missed call, you can keep an eye on your bank account and spot unknown deductions, transfers, theft, and so on.

It’s important to always know how much money you have in your bank account and how much of that money is available for immediate spending.

Regularly checking your account balance allows you to stay on top of your finances and see which transactions have cleared your account.

There are some other services available on the SBI helpline, which can be requested by sending an SMS or making a missed call to the designated numbers.

Our lives have been made a lot simpler thanks to technological advancements. Take, for example, the banking industry. From time to time, we all engage in banking activities. In the field of finance, technology has resulted in incredible advances.

One such advancement is online banking. Bank customers are now benefiting from mobile banking. Take, for example, the balance inquiry service for missed calls. For people like us, it has made life simpler!

We’ve included more useful information about SBI in this post, such as how to register, how to get mini statements on your computer, how to block ATM cards, and so on.

Numbers for ATM Blocking SBI Mobile Number Registration Process: You must register your main mobile number with the bank in order to use any of the above-mentioned services.

Only then would you be able to access the facilities. You can skip to the next section if you have already registered your mobile number with the bank.

You should send a quick SMS to the bank to register your phone number if you haven’t already. The message has the following format: REGspace> Number of Accounts

To send the above-mentioned SMS, dial 09223488888. This will quickly record your phone number with the bank! Following that, you’re ready to use the services mentioned below.

Inquiry About Your Account Balance Via Missed Calls Or SMS

Simply dial 09223766666 to inquire about your balance. You may also send an SMS to the same number with the word “BAL” in it.
You can get your account balance information sent to your registered mobile number using any of the methods mentioned above.

Obtaining a Mini Statement

Missed calls or SMS may be used to obtain a mini statement. Simply dial 09223866666 or send an SMS to the same number with the word “MSTMT” in the subject line.

The mini statement will be sent to your mobile number through one of the two methods listed above.

How to Block SBI ATM-Cum-Debit Card Via SMS

You can also take your SBI ATM/debit card offline and block it. However, you’ll need your registered mobile number as well as the last four digits of your ATM card to do so.
Send an SMS to 567676 with the text “BLOCKspace: xxxx

When you approve the request for blocking, you will receive a confirmation SMS warning with the ticket number, blocking date, and time.

SBI Fast Missed Call Service is a service provided by SBI.

The mobile number of the SBI customer must be registered. To use SBI Fast Missed Call Banking, you must first complete a one-of-a-kind registration process.

The procedure is straightforward and takes just a few minutes to complete. The following is a step-by-step guide to registering for SBI Missed Call Banking (SBI Quick):

Step 1: Send an SMS to 09223488888 with the subject line ‘REG Account Number.’ For example, your account number is 12345678901. Then send an SMS to 09223488888 with the text “REG 12345678901.”

Step 2: You will receive a confirmation message once the SMS has been sent. The success or failure of the registration process will be shown in the confirmation letter.

Step 3: If all goes well, you can begin using SBI Fast Missed Call Banking.

Step 4: If it doesn’t function, follow the steps mentioned below.

Examine the SMS’s format as well as the recipient’s phone number.

Check to see if the phone number used to send the SMS is included in the bank account. If the number has not been changed at the bank, you can change it at any SBI bank branch.

How to Unregister Your SBI Phone Number

You can also cancel your SBI missed call service registration. You can de-register from SBI Fast by following the steps below. Send a text message to 09223488888 with the phrase “DREG account number.” DREG 12345678901> 09223488888, for example.

How to Make a Mini SBI Statement

Customers who have registered for the SBI Fast installation can easily produce a mini-statement. The mini statement will display the account’s last five transactions in detail. Customers of SBI can obtain a mini statement by dialing 09223866666.

You can also get the mini statement by texting the same number. MSTMT and send SMS to 09223766666 to generate the SBI mini-statement.

Users must send SMS with predefined keywords to predefined mobile numbers from their registered mobile number with the bank in order to access various services, according to SBI.

The user’s active mobile number should be updated with the bank records in order to accomplish this. Users of Android, Windows, iOS, or Blackberry phones can download the ‘SBI Fast’ applications from their respective operating system app stores.

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