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Facebook is the world most popular online social media and social networking service that helps billions of people to connect with their friends, family and other people they know. Right now, it becomes a part of our daily life. Everyday, we need to login to Facebook many times. So, I’m here to guide you about the different processes of Facebook login and also what to if you forgot Facebook password. Lets start with detailed Facebook login process with step by step.

Facebook Login Processes

There are several way to login Facebook. You can use web browser, PC software or mobile app to sign in to Facebook. Facebook also have messenger software to chat with friends. But the Facebook login process is same in everywhere which requires only email or phone and password. If you don’t have any account still, just create a Facebook account now and then you will get Facebook login details. Let’s start with step by step guide on Facebook login using any web browser on your computer.

Facebook Login on Web Browser

Step-1: Open your web browser and search for Facebook using any search engine like google or bing or any.
Step-2: Click on the first result to go to Facebook homepage. If you don’t understand properly what to do, just go to directly from here. Now, make sure that no one is logged in. If it is, just click on down arrow button at the top right corner and then select logout. For more details, check out this tutorial on Facebook Logout.
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Step-3: Now, you are in the Facebook homepage. You can see two boxes on top right corner; one is for email or phone and another is for password. If your Facebook was created with email address, then enter that email address into the first box. Or if it was created with phone number, then enter the phone number on that box. Remember, don’t use zero or + symbol before country code and other symbols. For example, your phone number is +1 708-990-0555. Enter 17089900555 not +1 708-990-0555. On the next box, enter your Facebook account password.
Step-4: Finally hit on enter button or click on Log In right to the password box to access your Facebook account.

Facebook Login on PC Software

Facebook is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. So, you can also use it on those OS. Sign in process is similar like web browser but before that you need the software installed on your PC. Follow the steps down below to sign in to Facebook on your PC.


In the last article I examined your option if you want to sign up for Facebook. There were many options and I believe. That if you had not your account you have it by now. But now we come to the next part of having a Facebook account. Facebook login. There are two meanings that you can understand under Facebook login. One is the name of account of in this case email address or phone number. And the letter I precisely the process of logging in. I will say a little bit about either.
First of all the login which you use to log in to the Facebook. Most of us use email address. It is obvious because you must to enclose your email address when you are signing up. So it is pretty clear why most of us uses email address. Also it is an address the you use probably a lot. So there is only slight chance that you will forget it. So if you look from this perspective it is the best scenario.
But what if you decided that it is time to change your email address from any reason you can think of. It does not really matter why. But once if you decide that it is time to purchase new email. You probably want to pair your new email with your old Facebook. Well I have good news for you. If you want to change your login you can do it. It is nothing hard. You just need to enclose new email to your Facebook account and then made it the primary address. Then you can easily delete the old email address, the one you do not use anymore. It is simple as that.
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Also you should change your password every now or then. I know it is really annoying. I must confess that I never changed my password because I would forget it in a second. But as some experts say over and over again you should change your password at least four times a year. But if you ask me you should have only different password for each account you have. That is kind of protection that I believe it is sufficient. However if you ever think that your login was sabotaged you can simply change your login data. You can change your password as simply as you can change your email. What more. Change you’re your password is even easier.
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And then to the simple action of login. It is absolutely necessary to look to your address when you are logging in. If there is any other address than never log in. it is probably some fraud that was designed to steal your data. Really any other address is highly risky. Facebook is only one.

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