Reset Instagram Password with ease | Instagram Password Recovery

Reset Instagram Password with ease | Instagram Password Recovery: If you are unable to log into Instagram, You’ve been hacked, Or you just want to beef up the security on your account, you definitely can. You can choose to change the password with your linked Facebook account or have a password reset link sent to your email address.

In this article you will learn how to change your current Instagram password, as well as how to reset a lost password.

How do I Change my Password?

  • If you know your present password, you can change it:
  • Go to your profile and click on this symbol.
  • Click on Settings  and then click on Password.
  • Put in your current password and then enter your new password in the spaces indicated.
  • Click on Save or in the top right

Note: To create a strong and secure password, use a combination of at least six numbers, letters and punctuation marks (like * and !).

For Password Reset

If you can not remember your password or you lost it, you can request for a reset using your email address, phone number or Facebook account. If you are not able to reset your password this way, open the Instagram app for additional help.

How to Reset your Password using your email address, phone number or Facebook account

If your Instagram is connected to your Facebook account, Click on ‘Reset Using Facebook.’ Put in your Facebook login information when asked, and then put in a new password for your Instagram account. Resetting through Facebook will work only if you know the password to your Facebook account. If you have more than one Instagram account linked to a single Facebook account, ‘Reset Using Facebook’ will reset the most recently linked account. If you are able to reset your password through Facebook, you should be all good. If not, go on with this method.

To reset your password

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Click on ‘Get help signing in’ On the login screen below Log In.

From there:

  • On Android: Click in Use Username or Email, Send an SMS or Log In with Facebook, then input your information and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • On iOS, Select Username or Phone. Put in your email address, username or phone number, then tap Send Login Link.

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