Mtn Who Dey Call Service – How Do I Get Started With Mtn WhoDeyCall Service?

I believe you might have heard about Mtn Who Dey Call Service and looking for a guide on how to get started with this service. If you answered yes or something related to that, here is a comprehensive and straight-to-the-point post on what Mtn Who Dey Call Service is all about and how to get it activated.

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Mtn WhoDeyCall Service?

WhoDeyCall is a service launched by MTN that enables you to identify your caller identity. Interestingly, if you are among the numerous MTN subscribers and immediately you subscribe to the service, you will be allowed to discover your caller’s name as it will pop up once the call enters.

Mtn Who Dey Call Service - How Do I Get Started With Mtn WhoDeyCall Service?

The service is a lot similar to the caller-ID smartphone application, Truecaller. However, unlike Truecaller, you don’t need internet or data to enjoy the WhoDeyCall service and the service can function effectively on all types of mobile devices.

The WhoDeyCall can be accessed via*5058# or using the SMS code below:

Product Name Validity Opt-In Opt-Out SC Fee
WhoDeyCall? Daily 1 day SC1 Stop SC1 5058 N5
WhoDeyCall? Weekly 7 days SC2 Stop SC2 5058 N30
WhoDeyCall?Monthly 30 days SC3 Stop SC3 5058 N50
WhoDeyCall? Free






7 days Free Stop Free 5058






N0 (One-off)There is no ‘on-off’ free-trial. So once you have enjoyed the free trial, you will immediately be charged N30/week on sending Free to 5058 again.


Lists Of Frequently Asked Questions On MTN WhoDeyCall

Why you should subscribe to the WhoDeyCall service?

The WhoDeyCall service enables you to:

  • View the names of whoever is giving you a call in real-time, whether this contact has been saved or not.
  • Discover who is calling you from all networks, including MTN.
  • steer clear of Robo-calls, spam, unwanted callers and scammers.

What features are available on the WhoDeyCall? service?

The following features are available on the service:

  • Identify callers in real-time
  • Edit, change and modify your name.
  • Affordable plans ranging from daily, weekly and even monthly.
  • Free trial.
  • Easy opt-in and opt-out.

How does the WhoDeyCall? service work?

Step 1: Ensure your phone is fully recharged with airtime.

Step 2: Call *5058# or text the keyword here to 5058 to subscribe to the service.

Step 3: As soon as you subscribe to the service, the subscription fee will be instantly deducted from your balance.

Step 4: MTN will confirm your subscription, This will activate WhoDeyCall? service on your phone.

Will WhoDeyCall? work on all types of calls?

Yes, the service works for all types of calls including international calls and roaming calls.

Is there a limit to the number of calls that WhoDeyCall? can identify in a day?

The service is fully functional round the clock. Simply puts, it runs 24/7. You will able to discover all calls without limit.

What happens to phone numbers that I have already saved to my address book?

The service will allow you to view the name and phone numbers that you have stored in your contact list as it appears in the WhoDeyCall? database

Will I see the name of the caller if the caller is not subscribed to WhoDeyCall??

Yes, even if the callers are not subscribed to the service, you can view the callers’ names.

Will the person that is calling me to know that I am using WhoDeyCall??

False. Your callers won’t know you are using WhoDeyCall? to view their identity.

Who can subscribe for WhoDeyCall??

The service is opened to every MTN’s new and existing prepaid and post-paid customers. Customers who have ported into the MTN network from other networks are also eligible for the service.

If I am a postpaid customer, can I subscribe to WhoDeyCall? service?

Yes, WhoDeyCall? service is open to postpaid customers.

Can I enjoy all MTN products and services while I am on WhoDeyCall??

Yes, you will be able to enjoy all of MTN’s products and services while you are using WhoDeyCall?.

How do I subscribe to WhoDeyCall??

You can subscribe to MTN WhoDeyCall? via SMS and USSD

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