Lite Login Facebook | How to Login FB Lite on Mobile

To login into a Facebook lite, it requires already existing users and not new comers, you must have your login details, but for those that don’t already have a Facebook account, first visit the Facebook page to create an account before using the login details to login to the Facebook life.

You might want to ask the difference between the Facebook original version and the Facebook lite version. The difference is simply the in the network, Facebook lite is designed to work with little network i.e. it works even with poor network quality. Mobile devices with poor network signal are always advices to install lite version of different apps including Facebook. Lite version of Facebook is available both on android and iPhones and even on web.

To login Facebook lite on web, follow the procedures below;

  • Visit the Facebook lite website,, the Facebook lite homepage is revealed
  • Input your Facebook login details (your email address/phone number and password)
  • Click on the “login” button and it automatically login into your Facebook account
  • But this lite version of Facebook is best enjoyed on android or iPhone app.

Spare some of your time to read on how to login using Facebook lite mobile app below


  • Download the Facebook lite mobile app from Google play store

  • After downloading it, launch the application which will reveal its login page
  • Input your email and password where it is required and click the “login” button

Now you can enjoy posting/uploading of pictures and video even with a poor network.

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