iPhone: Here Are 12 Amazing Features You Need To Know

iPhone: Here Are 12 Amazing Features You Need To Know

Are you here because you want to see the amazing useful features of an iPhone? If you answered yes, this article has gotten you covered.

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If you have had an iPhone for a long, you’re definitely already familiar with the most of the capabilities.

However, there are a few aspects that aren’t well known yet could be useful. Here are 26 of the most useful iPhone tricks you may not be aware of:

1.) Rotating the Panorama Mode in a different direction

Did you know that you may change directions in the Camera app’s Panoramic mode? While in Panoramic mode, instead of snapping images from left to right, you can switch to right-to-left by tapping on the photo box.

2.) Closing all Tabs in Safari

While using Safari to browse the web, you may not notice that you have opened far too many tabs. There is, however, a way to close all of the tabs at once.

If you wish to close numerous tabs at once, simply press the tabs button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Then two options will appear: “New Tab” and “Close X Tabs.”

3.) Making Emoji Text Replacement Shortcuts

You may build text shortcuts for emojis to make them easier to discover. To create emoji or other phrase shortcuts, go to the Settings app > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement and hit the Plus icon in the top-right corner.

For example, the Phrase is a happy face wearing sunglasses, and the Shortcut is “Cool Smile.” As a result, the smiling face with sunglasses shows every time I type “Cool Smile.”

4.) Deleting Last Numbers Via Calculator Apps

It’s possible that you made an error while typing a number in the Calculator app. The “C” button is typically used to clear the entire number and then retype it.

However, if you just want to eliminate the last digit of the number, you can do it by swiping right or left on the black area at the top of the app where the number appears.

5.) Turning on the “Speak Selection” option.

The option to have Siri read highlighted text out loud is one of my favorite iPhone features.

“Speak Selection” is the name for this functionality. Go to the Settings app > General > Accessibility > Speech > turn on Speak Selection to enable this functionality.

When you enable “Speak Selection,” a new option to have the material read out loud appears when you highlight text.

This function is particularly helpful if you want an iBook read to you. This also works for highlighted text on a webpage.

6.) Using Safari, find keywords on a website

You might be seeking for a specific keyword when browsing a website, similar to clicking Ctrl + F on a Windows machine or + F on a Mac.

Fortunately, you can discover a term in Safari on iOS by typing it in the address bar and then scrolling down to the “On This Page (x number of matches)” section.

After that, you’ll notice the Find Keyword bar at the bottom of the website when you press on that result.

7.) Guided Access

Guided Access is a feature found in the Settings app > General > Accessibility > Guided Access.

This option confines users to a single app. Time Limits are another feature of Guided Access, which prevents others from using your phone.

This is useful if your child wants to play a game or watch a movie on your phone but you don’t want him or her to have access to anything else.

You can restrict actions like the ability to utilize the Sleep/Wake Button, Volume Buttons, Motion Button, Keyboards, and Touch after the function is enabled.

You may also use a pattern to restrict some portions of the display by drawing a circle around the region you want to block.

You can also create a shortcut to this function by selecting it from the Guided Access menu and enabling it.

When Guided Access is enabled, the Accessibility shortcut is triple-clicking the Home button.

8.) Making the LED flash light for Alerts

If you want something other than sounds and vibrations to inform you when you get a phone call or text message, you can make the LED flash blink. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility to configure this.

There’s an option called LED Flash for Alerts under the “Hearing” section. When you access this menu, you’ll see two toggles: one to enable the functionality and another to use LED Flash for Alerts when the ringer switch is turned off.

9.) Using the Bubble Level Tool to create a bubble level.

Many of you are already aware that the Compass app has a leveling function. When you launch the Compass app, swipe to the right to find the level tool.

You may tilt the Compass app up and down while holding your iPhone in landscape mode once it’s in level mode.

If you’re hanging a frame on the wall, this will come in handy.

But did you know there’s a bubble level tool as well? You’ll see a bubble level if you hold your iPhone in portrait mode and move it up and down while the Compass app is in level mode to test if your object is absolutely horizontal.

10.) Reachability

Reachability is one of the more subtle improvements that Apple has released in the previous several years.

Reachability makes it easy to use a Home button shortcut to access content near the top of the screen.

For those of us with larger Plus-sized iPhones, this functionality is extremely beneficial.

Go to the Settings app > General > Accessibility > turn Reachability on to enable Reachability.

You can decrease the content at the top of the screen to the bottom-half after this functionality is turned on.

After you’ve enabled Reachability, instead of double-clicking on the Home button, you’ll need to double-TAP (without pressing all the way down).

11.) Using The Timer To Turn Off The Music

Have you ever wondered if you could set music to play for a specific amount of time? This could be useful if you’re playing musical chairs or just want to listen to music while your cake bakes.

To do so, go to the Control Center and open the Timer feature (stylized clock face icon). The Timer is part of the same software as the World Clock, Alarm, Bedtime, and Stopwatch features.

If you want your music, film, or audiobook to stop playing after a specified amount of time, go to the Timer app and tap on “When Timer Ends” and then “Stop Playing.”

After you’ve set the timer and started the countdown, the music, video, or audiobook will terminate when the timer expires.

12.) Taking Photos while Recording Vidoes

You may be surprised to learn that you can shoot images while recording a video without changing camera modes.

You may test this by heading to the camera app’s video mode and making a video. You’ll see a white button in the corner of the screen while recording the video.

As you record the movie, a photo will be shot every time you hit that button.

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