Instagram Login Issues | I want to Login Instagram Account

Instagram is now the trending social media platform when it comes to picture sharing and relating with friends. If you own an Instagram account but have issues logging into your account, this step by step guide will help you with tips to fix Instagram login issues.

Overall, Instagram has minimal technical issues but it can throw users’ login issues at times. This most commonly occurs when you upgrade phones or toggle between multiple accounts and try to log in to Instagram. Older phones may also encounter compatibility issues as they become outdated. Instagram can also do a forced logout and require a log in for updated terms of service. In this case, you will need to agree to the updates to log back into your account.

Check Your Credentials

Before you dive into anything technical, do a surface-level investigation. Are you typing the correct username and password? Instagram usernames begin with an @ symbol but you should not type this out when logging in to your account. Look closely for typos in your handle and make sure everything is correct. After the handle is ready, clear the password field and type your password. Make sure what you are typing is exactly as intended. Instagram passwords are case sensitive. If the login fails and you are positive the username and password are correct, it’s time to try a password reset.

Password Reset

Doing a quick password reset will resolve many login issues. Android and iOS users can select the reset link and have a password reset sequence sent to their email account. The email comes with a link that prompts a reset page where you insert the new password. Choose something completely different from the previous password. Android users can also do this via SMS or simply log in with Facebook to access their Instagram account. If you do not receive the password reset email, you may have a bigger issue. Check your email and all other accounts to make sure you have not been hacked.

Log In Instagram – App Issues

If your login credentials are correct and the system still fails to allow access, it’s likely a device or app-specific issue. Attempt to log in from your personal computer and/or another mobile device. If you can log in from other devices, the problem is isolated to your phone. At this point, uninstall the app from your mobile device to allow a fresh start. After the uninstall process is complete, turn your phone off for a minute then restart it to ensure nothing is cached after the uninstall. Install the app again and attempt to log in. It should have no issues accessing your account at this point. If it still fails, you may have a hardware or memory issue with the phone that requires clearing space or visiting your service provider to diagnose the issue.


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