How to make my friends list private on facebook

How to Make Your Friends List Private on Facebook

You may regularly wish to limit who can view your personal postings if you use Facebook for yourself or your business. You can select different privacy settings to limit who can view each piece of information you publish, but be aware that if you do, there is always a potential that someone would reveal it to others or screenshot it and share it more widely than you intended.

It’s possible that Facebook won’t let you make it as private as you’d like because some information, like your profile photo, cannot be made private.

Make Facebook Private

Every image, album, text post, and other type of content that you upload to Facebook has privacy options. These privacy settings can be changed to be more or less restrictive after you upload content, or you can adjust them at the moment.

Making a post “Public,” or available to the public, is an option. You can also choose to only allow certain Facebook lists of individuals, like your workplace or a particular family, to see the post. Another option is to change a post’s privacy setting to “Only Me,” which will make it visible only to you.

Setting Privacy When Posting

You may choose who can see a post you make on Facebook by using the audience choice drop-down menu that appears when you upload a picture or text. The last privacy setting you choose will often be the default for the selector.

The “Only Me” choice is the most limited; it will only allow you to read the post. Click or tap the selection to choose options like “Friends,” “Only Me,” or “Public.”

You should be aware that even if they weren’t otherwise able to, the people you choose to tag in a photo or post will be able to see it, along with their friends.

Using Audience Lists

One choice on the crowd selector is to utilize a custom rundown of individuals to impart the post to. At times, Facebook might recommend records it has naturally worked for you, for example, “Dear Companions,” “Colleagues” or records made out of Facebook companions who, for example, work with you at a specific business, went to a specific school with you or live in your old neighborhood.

You can likewise make custom companion records to impart presents on. To do this, click “Companion Records” in the “Investigate” section on the left half of your news source. In the event that you don’t see this choice, check in the “See More…” menu.

Then, at that point, click “Make Rundown” and enter a paramount name for the rundown. Select the companions you need to place in the rundown and snap “Make.” Select this rundown from the crowd selector when you need to impart presents on the companions on it and make Facebook private as you would prefer.

Reconfiguring Post Privacy

After you’ve posted or uploaded a picture, you can alter its privacy settings. To change it to the desired setting, just click or tap the audience picker that is provided alongside it.

If you want to find the post, use the Facebook search function.

Some Privacy Caveats

On their computers, phones, and other devices where they access Facebook, the people to whom you have restricted a post can view it. As they use Facebook, there is always a potential that these people would unintentionally or purposely allow someone else to read the post.

You also won’t know who has previously viewed it or who has printed it or otherwise saved it if you decide to limit the audience for a post after sharing it with a larger audience.

Your current cover photo and profile cannot be made private.

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