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Facebook Marketplace App – How Can I Find Marketplace Facebook Categories?

Everyday Facebook keeps on updating and also introducing a lot of new feature for the users on the platform. Do you know about the Facebook marketplace for business? I believe no, now this is what Facebook has brought for you and me to market our products easily online. The Facebook marketplace for business is what all businessman or woman needs to make their business function well and also grow financially. This Facebook marketplace is a place or area on Facebook where you can buy and sell very easily without issues. The Facebook marketplace is very safe and secured to do an exchange and also carry out payments.

No need for you to waste more time, just go to the Facebook platform and then make use of the Facebook marketplace. You should know that before anyone can make use of the features that are on Facebook, you must be a user or have an account on Facebook. If you don’t have an account on Facebook, then you cannot sell or buy goods on Facebook. Before I tell you how you can sign up on Facebook, let me introduce to you what the Facebook marketplace can also be used for.

Other Things Facebook Marketplace Is Used For

There are lots of things you can use the Facebook marketplace, but I will only be telling you few and then you go and experience the rest yourself. Speaking of other things you can use the Facebook marketplace to do, here are some listed below;

  • You can sue the Facebook marketplace to show a lot of inventory for retail items, property rentals and also vehicles by working with a marketplace listing partner.
  • Also, you can advertise your store or items on the marketplace in order to reach more people, even though your business doesn’t post directly on the marketplace.
  • You can also display new or refurbished items form your Facebook page shop on the marketplace for free and also let customers purchase without leaving Facebook.

These are some things you cab used the Facebook marketplace for. But you should make sure that all listings on the Facebook marketplace must comply with their commerce policies and community standards.

How to Sign Up On Facebook

If you want to sign up on Facebook, and you need help with it, then you should read and follow the guidelines that are given below.

  • Access your internet, go to
  • Once you have done that, click the “create new account” link.
  • Then enter your names, email or phone number, password, gender, and your date of birth.
  • After that click on the signup tab at the bottom.
  • A message with confirmation digits will be sent to you on your email or phone number.
  • Look the digits of copy them and type it in the confirmation box on Facebook.
  • Once you have done that, click “continue”.

This is how you can sign up on Facebook.

How to Access the Facebook Marketplace

Here are steps for you to follow when you want to access the Facebook marketplace on android or iPhone;

    • Open the Facebook app, and then log in to your Facebook account.
    • Now click the tree lines icon below.
    • A menu full of options will appear.
    • Select or click “marketplace”.
    • The Facebook marketplace will now open.
    • When you want to sell tap the sell button at the top.
    • This is where you can choose a list of items you want to put on for sale.
  • But if you want to sell items, you can click on the shop button and items will be displayed.
  • To see your marketplace profile, click ‘you’.

This is how to access the Facebook marketplace on android.

How to Access Marketplace on PCs
  • Just login to your account.
  • After you have arrived on your home screen, click the marketplace link located beside your news feed.
  • Now the Facebook marketplace will be opened to you.
  • Click the search tab at the top to search for any items for sale.
  • To sell something, click on the “sell something” button and a dialog box will be displayed where you choose a list of items you want to put on sale.
  • You can scroll down and also explore your marketplace.

This is how to access the Facebook marketplace on your computer.


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