Free Countdown Timer for Facebook Page – Facebook Countdown Clock Timer

Free Countdown Timer for Facebook Page – Facebook Countdown Clock Timer: Do you want to add count down clock on your Facebook account or Facebook page?

Do you want to know what facebook count down clock timer is all about?
Well, whatever your answer is, here is a facebook post that teaches everything you need to know about facebook count down clock timer.
Interestingly, this article will expose you to the complete guide for adding count down clock timer to your facebook page step by step.

What Is Count Down Clock App?If you have an occasion you don’t want to miss or you have an event you want to advertise on your facebook page, count down clock app will keep you in tone with the timing.

Facebook count down clock timer is an application that reminds you of the time of an event you want to attend.

If you’re an admin of a facebook business page, facebook gives you access to various third-party applications directly within your account.

And count down clock is never an exception.

Every facebook user is an admin of a facebook business page can add a countdown clock on their Facebook page to track the event.
This post is all how to add count down clock to your facebook page step by step. Let’s get started with the steps for inserting a count down clock time application.

How To Add Count Down Clock To Facebook Page
To insert  a count down clock to your facebook page to track an event, do the following:

1. First off, you’ll need to login your facebook account via Here is how to login to your facebook account: enter in your browser, go to the top right corner of the facebook homepage and enter your login details and click login and you’ll be taken to your account.

3. On your facebook page, locate and click on the facebook page you wish to add the count down click timer.

3. Next, type “countdown clock” in the search section of the page and a list of results will appear.

4. Click on the count down clock you want and Select “Countdown Timer For page” application

5. Click “Go to App” button

6. Select from the listing of fan pages that you are an admin of and also click “Add” besides the page name.

7. Select the kind of display you desire the timer to be on your selected follower page.

8. After selecting the kind, currently, begin entering the details in the text boxes listed below.

 > First, go into the title of the timer after that the message for the visitors.

> Get on the event date as well as time.

> Click “Save” and after that click “Preview” switch.

> Now you could see the timer for a certain occasion which displays the remaining days and also time left.

> Now if all things are right, then click “View” switch.

> The tab will be seen on the page.

> Click “Post to page” for completing the process.

9. Search in the image above. If the tab is put, it will certainly be shown with this icon as revealed above.
That is it on Free Countdown Timer for Facebook Page – Facebook Countdown Clock Timer.

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