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    Facebook Market App Download – How To Access Marketplace App For Facebook | Marketplace App store: Facebook is a global social media network, a social advertising medium, and also now a Marketplace. It’s interesting how the social media giant continues to evolve overtime, that is the whole essence of Facebook; to do so many things within the Facebook environment that you have little or no reasons to stay away from it.

    Facebook Market App Download – The Facebook marketplace App is a convenient means for users to buy, sell and trade items with other users within a particular region.

    Marketplace App is tool currently available for apps on Android and iOS devices, hopefully, the desktop version will be available soon. Just login to your Facebook account and tap the store icon at the bottom of the app and have a peek at this feature.

    Facebook Market App Download – How does Facebook Marketplace App Operate?
    Basically, the Facebook marketplace App concept is more like a digital marketplace where users meet to buy, sell and trade items with other users within their locality. All items in Facebook Marketplace are sorted out according to their categories and/or location.

    How do you Start Selling on Facebook Marketplace?
    Take nice photos of what you want to sell. When you enter Marketplace, navigate to the ‘sell something ‘, tap on it and select the category your product fits in and take photos of your products., make sure you select a very clear picture for the item you want to upload in order to catch the attention of potential buyers.

    Give fair and honest description of the product.
    When describing your product, especially when it is a used product, make sure you don’t over hype it, so there won’t be any issues of disappointment if it falls short of the expectations of the buyer. Be fair and honest in your description, state out the important qualities of the product and every other relevant thing there is to know about the product.

    Be strategic in your pricing.
    Before you decide on a particular price, make sure you know how much your competitors are selling so as to avoid over or under pricing of your product. A good way is to take your starting price a bit higher than the original price to give room for bargaining.

    What About Buying on Facebook Marketplace?
    Browse through the category of item you want to buy or Search for it in the search bar if you have a particular item in mind.
    When you find the item you want to buy, you can start by sending the seller a private message through messenger or directly from the app, feel free to ask questions in order to clear any doubts you have regarding that product.

    Don’t make any form of advanced payments to individuals you haven’t met in real life. You are to make payments Only after you have physically accessed the product and satisfied with it.

    NOTE: Facebook does not facilitate any electronic means of payment, when you see an item you want to buy, send a message to the seller and both parties should agree to meet in a public and safe place to finalise the trade.\

    Facebook will never ask you for your personal bank information such as your credit card number, your pin and all that. Don’t make the mistake of trusting such vital information with a buyer you haven’t met as you wouldn’t do a stranger walking down the road.

    All payments should be agreed upon and settled between both parties involved.

    That is it on Facebook Market App Download – How To Access Marketplace App For Facebook | Marketplace App store.

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