Facebook Marketplace App Download – How To Install Facebook Local Selling App

    In today’s post, I’m going to show exactly how to access Facebook marketplace app feature and the processes for using it to do commerce. Yes, I mean eCommerce activities,

    In fact:

    These are the steps that I have used to download and install facebook marketplace app for local selling online:

    1. Open your mobile phone
    2. Click on play store or app store
    3. Go to the top of the play store and enter facebook
    4. Next, click on the search button
    5. Click on Facebook app
    6. Allow it to download
    7. Once the downloading is complete, tap on the install button

    Those are the steps you need to download and install Facebook marketplace app which will enable you to buy and sell on Facebook social media platform.

    Well, I believe some of us will be wondering why the above processes. Why not show us how to download Facebook marketplace app?

    As we all know, the Facebook Marketplace is the newest way for e-commerce businesses to make sales and take advantage of the social media network’s 2.7 billion monthly active users WITHOUT spending a dime of our hard-earned dollars on listings or ads.

    Facebook marketplace app is an app within the Facebook app and website. It’s a person-to-person platform where you can buy and sell new and pre-owned items.

    In summary, the Facebook marketplace app is not a standalone app like the likes of Facebook Messenger app, the marketplace app is inbuilt on Facebook which is to say that the feature is located within the Facebook app itself, and thus, you are not required to download or set up an account to use the marketplace.

    NOTE: When you download Facebook app, you have automatically downloaded Facebook marketplace app. Thus, if you a Facebook app already, you can update your Facebook app so you can access the marketplace feature and start using it to buy and sell online.

    So if you are here for Facebook Marketplace App Download and the steps on How To Install Facebook Local Selling App, you are covered.

    During the course of this article, you will see all the processes for accessing facebook marketplace app and the steps for increasing your sales online.

    Why You Need Facebook Marketplace

    If you are a businessman or woman, there are lots of reasons why you need facebook marketplace. Yes, with facebook marketplace, you can advance the course of your business for free.

    According to SEMrush, facebook is the third largest website in terms of traffic on a monthly basis report.

    Thus, using the marketplace on Facebook, you can reach out to thousands of individuals within your area or your locality. For those of us that would want to know, the marketplace app is usable on any device including Android and IOS devices. It can also be used on your desktops and laptops too.

    On the marketplace on facebook, people that can access can find different household items and stuff such as clothes, TVs, real estate, and cars to purchase on the app. Both new and old stuff is being sold on the marketplace app.

    Interestingly, the process of buying and selling on the marketplace is pretty simple and you get to connect with other marketers to be able to see the items in full before making a purchase.

    Where can I Find the Marketplace on Facebook?

    The Marketplace app on Facebook is yet to reach the whole world. It is important to point out that at moment, the Facebook feature is only used in just 51 countries.

    However, the Facebook team is working sleeplessly to see that marketplace is accessible in the rest of the globe.

    To start using the marketplace app, you must be 18 years and older and it can only be used on old Facebook accounts.

    Here are the lists of countries that can use the marketplace for the purpose of buying and selling online;

    1. Argentina.
    2. Australia.
    3. Austria.
    4. Belgium.
    5. Belize.
    6. Bulgaria.
    7. Canada.
    8. Chile.
    9. Costa Rica.
    10. Croatia.
    11. Cyprus.
    12. The Czech Republic.
    13. Denmark.
    14. Ecuador.
    15. Estonia.
    16. The Dominican Republic.
    17. Finland.
    18. France.
    19. Germany.
    20. Greece.
    21. Hungary.
    22. India.
    23. Ireland.
    24. Italy.
    25. Latvia.
    26. Lithuania.
    27. Luxembourg.
    28. Malta.
    29. Mexico.
    30. The Netherlands.
    31. New Zealand.
    32. Nigeria
    33. Norway.
    34. Panama.
    35. Paraguay.
    36. Peru.
    37. The Philippines.
    38. Poland.
    39. Portugal.
    40. Puerto Rico.
    41. Romania.
    42. Singapore.
    43. Slovenia.
    44. South Africa.
    45. Spain.
    46. Sweden.
    47. Switzerland.
    48. Thailand.
    49. The United Kingdom.
    50. The United States.
    51. Uruguay.

    The aforementioned are the places where Facebook marketplace app is available and users in those countries can easily use their accounts to locate the marketplace.

    How can we use the Marketplace?

    As we earlier outlined, to be able to use the marketplace app, you must be 18 years and older in the locations that it’s available too, and also to access the marketplace you need to have an old Facebook account because you can use it in your old accounts. If you have, you can follow the instructions below to sign in to your account;

    1. Open your Facebook apk or access your browser and go to
    2. Enter your login details (either your phone number or email address and password).
    3. Tap on the log in.
    4. Once you do the above steps correctly, you will be taken to your profile account.

    How can I get Facebook Marketplace icon?

    Getting the Facebook marketplace icon on your device is very easy to go by; you can get the icon on your Android and IOS device.

    It can be found on your desktop and laptop Facebook page. To get the Facebook marketplace icon, you would need to update to the latest Facebook version on your device. Follow the simple guides below;

    1. You can update your Facebook by tapping on the menu button. Next, tap on the update button and wait for the app to update
    2. Once that is done, a new shop icon will be displayed on the page.
    3. The marketplace icon will be at the top of your Facebook page on your Android device and the bottom of your IOS device.
    4. If you are using a web browser, you can find the Marketplace icon on the left side of the page.
    5. You can tap on the shop icon to load the Facebook Marketplace icon.

    How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace App

    The steps on how to sell on Facebook marketplace app are ridiculously easy. All you need to do is to take a photo or photos of the products you want to sell and follow the procedure as outlined below:

    1. Open your Facebook app on your mobile device
    2. Next, login your Facebook profile
    3. Tap on the menu button either at the top or bottom of the Facebook app
    4. Tap on the marketplace icon
    5. If you don’t see the marketplace icon, tap on the see more button and you should see the marketplace icon
    6. Tap on the +create new listing
    7. select your listing type. Note that your listing type could be item for sale, vehicle for sale, job opening or property for rent or sale
    8.  Upload your listing photos
    9. Enter the title of your listing
    10. Type a brief description of your listing
    11. Enter the price of your listing
    12. Choose a relevant listing category from the drop-down list
    13. Select the condition of the item you’re selling from the drop-down list
    14. Add relevant product tags
    15. Add your location
    16. Select the number of items available
    17. Delivery method (shipping or local pick up)
    18. Shipping rate (if applicable)

    Facebook Marketplace App Categories

    You can list items in the following categories:

    1. Classifieds
    2. Clothing & Accessories
    3. Deals
    4. Electronics
    5. Entertainment
    6. Family
    7. Hobbies
    8. Home & Garden
    9. Housing
    10. Vehicles

    Lastly, tap on the submit button, and you are done. If you like, you can choose to share your listing on big facebook buy and sell groups so you can reach more audiences.

    Those are processes on how to sell on facebook marketplace app using your mobile phone.

    How To Buy On Facebook Marketplace App

    How to buy on marketplace app is very simple. All you need to do is to login your Facebook app and do the following:

    1. Tap on the menu button
    2. Tap on marketplace icon. you can tap on the see more button peradventure you don’t see the marketplace icon
    3. Tap on the category you want
    4. Scroll through the lists of items available
    5. Tap on the messenger button to send the seller a message
    6. Wait for the reply and then the transaction

    That is it on how to buy on marketplace app. I hope the processes were simple to undertake.

    I have also written a post on how to buy and sell on facebook marketplace using your personal computer. Click on the link and you will be taken right into the article.

    BONUS: Here is a bonus for those of us that would want to know how to set up a facebook account on mobile app.

    Facebook App Account Sign Up

    If you want to use your mobile phone to sign up for a facebook account, here are the steps you need to take:

    1. Go to play store or app store and download facebook app
    2. Install the app on your device
    3. Next, tap on the sign up button
    4. Enter your first and last name
    5. Enter your email address or mobile phone number
    6. Enter your date of birth
    7. Choose your gender and tap on the sign up button
    8. On the next stage, enter your password and confirm it
    9. Tap on the submit button
    10. Enter the code sent to your phone number or email
    11. Lastly, tap on the submit button and you are done

    That is how to sign up facebook account on mobile. It that easy and simple. Congratulations. Your account is now live on facebook app.

    That is it on Facebook Marketplace App Download – How To Install Facebook Local Selling App.

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