Facebook & PayPal | Selling On Facebook Using Paypal – How To Add PayPal On Facebook


Facebook & PayPal | Selling On Facebook Using Paypal – How To Add PayPal On Facebook: How to sell on Facebook using PayPal – If you’re looking for a guide on how to sell on Facebook using PayPal, this article got you covered.

As Facebook Marketplace shop or store owners, you can simply connect your PayPal account to your Facebook Marketplace shop or store Facebook ad account and use it to pay or receive payment for sales of their displayed ads.

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If you would like to sell a lot of products at your Facebook Marketplace store and you what to provide your fellow Facebook users who are potential customers with a store-like shopping experience, then the best way to do this is by using a Facebook Shopping Cart or you can simply choose to add the “PayPal payment button” to your Facebook page which we have described in our previous post on “how to add PayPal to Facebook payment method” you can check that out likewise.

How To Add The Facebook Shopping Cart App To Your Facebook Page Or Facebook Market Place Store Or Shop 

To find the Facebook Shopping Cart app, do the following 

> Now login to your Facebook page 

> Go to the Facebook Application Center, and type “Shopping Cart” into the search box. 

> Displayed to you will be a large list of shopping carts. All of which already have PayPal integrated into them. As we don’t want to promote any Facebook shopping cart app over another, 

> Simply search for a Facebook shopping cart app that meets your specification needs. 

> Click on the “Install Page” tab. > Click on the “Authorize the Tab” option. 

> Upon following the above steps you have now successfully created your new Facebook Page “Shopping Cart” Tab. 

Once you installed the “Shopping Cart” app, you only need to proceed by entering your PayPal account login details such as your “email address” and likewise other few simple settings to enable the PayPal payment within your integrated Facebook Marketplace store shopping cart.   


Taking these above steps will simply ensure your credibility in your Facebook Market place store or shop as Facebook users who are your customers or potential customer’s feels the same shopping experience as they would elsewhere.

That is it on Facebook & PayPal: Selling On Facebook Using Paypal – How To Add PayPal On Facebook.

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