Is Facebook Pay Safe? – Facebook Pay Limit – Facebook Pay Review 2022


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Facebook pay Limit

Just like all other newly launched Facebook features, Facebook pay is limited to certain regions. This implies Facebook pay has not been released in some countries or regions yet. Thus users in those regions cannot access or use the feature to run any transaction.

Then there is also the question of whether Facebook pay set down limits on the amount of money you can send or receive using its services on the giant social media platform. A lot of online money transfer services or e-wallet services have varying set transfer limit, why shouldn’t Facebook have?

Does Facebook Pay Have a Transfer Limit?

The Facebook e-wallet system lets Facebook users send and receive money within the Facebook app as the feature can be located in the Facebook app for IOS or Android devices. It also does not support international transfers. This means you are going to have to stick to sending money locally while using this service.

Facebook has not really published any limits on the amount of money one can transfer or receive while using Facebook pay maybe because the service is relatively new. Facebook on launching the feature made it clear that it was solely for peer-to-peer payment.

While it is unlikely that any Facebook user will use Facebook pay to make huge transactions, Facebook has limits in place to caution such users. Moreover, the maximum amount of money that can be transferred via this tool is $9,999.

Does Facebook Pay Charge Fees For Using It Service?

The answer is a straight no. Facebook pay is free to use given that you have a Facebook account although without a Facebook account you will not be able to access Facebook pay.

The service is mainly for transactions between closely related individuals and can help with issues like bill splitting, little payments, random money sending, and many others. Thus, it makes sense that it’s free.

Is Facebook Pay Safe?

Facebook pay was launched in 2015 and since then there have been little or no reports about the security breach of any sort from users. Even when there are, it is as a result of carelessness from such users.

Be cautious with your Facebook pay details, do not click on unknown links, do not offer to send money to people you do not know, and do not provide people access to your device, Facebook, or Messenger account.

Do You Know What to Do If Facebook Pay Is Not Working? – Facebook Pay Not Available

Irrespective of how secure Facebook pay might seem, there are bound to be one security issue or the other like almost every other online money transfer service out there. Nevertheless, since Facebook pay supports more simple transactions, its payment platform might be the least troubled by security problems.

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