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Marketplace App That Does Not Appear An Facebook

It can be said that the Facebook marketplace is an easily accessible destination on the Facebook platform where you can buy and sell products in a specific region or group with different people. You can use it to buy and sell stuff in a single term but also bear in mind that this marketplace on Facebook is not applicable or open to all.


Qualifying requirements to allow the use of the Facebook Marketplace 

You must be to be able to make use of this Facebook market place;

  • You will be limited as an underage up to 18 years or older
  • Secondly, you must not be a Facebook novice, this is to prevent fraud, access to the  Facebook marketplace will not be given to any newly developed account.
  • Bear in mind, when the account is a little old, you should check back to see if you have been given access to the market place.
  • Third, by installing the new update of the Facebook marketplace, make sure you are up to date. Keep in mind, too that this app can only be found on iPhone 5 or new iPhone versions.


How You Can Lose Facebook Market Place Access 

If you are disabled or banned from misusing the Facebook market place site, here are  some highlights about how you can be blocked;

If you use the Facebook marketplace in a way that goes against trade policy or group rules and regulations, your access to the Facebook marketplace will be restricted or fully banned from using the site, but if you are very sure that you have followed the correct protocols and have not breached their rules or policies and your account is blocked, this article will help.


If Blocked or Banned, ways to Re-open the Facebook Market Place

  • Firstly, you can find facebook.com/marketplace
  • Secondly, you tap on the summary of requests
  • Your appeal will be assessed immediately over a span of one week. Make sure your email that is linked to your Facebook account is always reviewed for updates or current account information.
  • Bear in mind that you must update or download the new version of the Facebook app if your Facebook marketplace has been reopened or if you have been given access to the marketplace.

How a Buyer or Seller can be Reported on the Facebook marketplace

If your seller’s buyer goes against your agreement or conditions, if stated by the  following methods, he may be stopped from buying;

  • Go to your Facebook account first and press the market place button.
  • Tap on the seller’s or buyer’s listing.
  • You scroll down and press the buyer or seller report, and the instructions will appear on the screen immediately.
  • Then open the forum for your messenger.
  • You then make the message accessible between you and the buyer or seller.
  • Then put it on the upper right. After that, be sure to click on the buyer or seller of the article. Make sure that the steps listed are taken to avoid an unselfish buyer.                 I believe this was helpful? Please kindly share


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