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Facebook Free Marketplace Business | How To Sell on Facebook Marketplace Online Business: In our world today, we all know that the easiest and fastest way to connect with people without having to go from one place to another is Facebook.

In recent years, a lot of Facebook users have been connecting with other users through various ways, one of them including buying and selling Groups.

Reports confirm that over 450 million users engage in buying and selling activities on Facebook all over the world. In order to facilitate such connections with her users, Facebook rolled out its newest feature, Marketplace, which is free for all users, to promote trading activities on Facebook and in the Worldwide.

What Is Facebook Free Marketplace Business
So, what is Facebook Free Marketplace Business? With different kinds of definitions around, the best way to define Facebook Free marketplace is as a destination where Facebook users get to buy, sell and trade items with other Facebook users within a particular locality.

So I can be within the comfort of my home, navigate my way to Facebook Free marketplace, it is at the bottom page of my phone’s app page (desktop version is not available for now, Facebook is still working on that) and find a particular commodity that catches my attention.

All I need to do is to send the seller a private message and let him/her know that I’m interested in their product. From there, we can arrange to meet somewhere to complete the transaction.

Can I become a seller on FB Marketplace Business?
Yes, of course, as long as your product is in line with Facebook commerce policies. Some of the things you can’t be able to sell on Marketplace include weapons, explosives, ammunition, animals and stuffs without commercial intents like jokes, memes, news and awareness posts, Etc. Aside these, you are good to go. Selling on marketplace is quite easy, but let me still throw some light on a few tips to help you become a successful seller on Marketplace:

Post high quality photos of your products.
Marketplace allows you to post a maximum of 10 photos for one product. Just like the saying, “ A picture is worth a thousand words “, you may want to select the best 10 you can take to help potential buyers have a better look at what they want to buy.

Be sincere and fair when describing your product.
As far as any successful business goes, fairness, transparency and honesty play a vital role in helping a brand grow to become customers’ favorite. Describe your product the way it is, don’t exaggerate anything about the product, so, eventually, when you meet up with a buyer, the product won’t fall short of their expectations.

Plan your pricing strategically.
You don’t want to be selling your product at an absurdly high or low price, make inquires on the product and know how much your other competitors are selling.

This will give you a reasonable price range to attach to your product. Feel free to increase the price a little bit higher than the original price, if you’re going to do this, then you’ll have to be giving rooms for negotiations.

When it comes to buying on Marketplace, it’s just the same as you would do on any e-commerce site, with an added advantage of getting to know the seller’s profile, send him a message and communicate with each other even before coming to any conclusions about the trade.

Difference Between Facebook Free Marketplace and Other E-commerce Sites
One major difference between Facebook Free Marketplace and other e-commerce sites is that Facebook does not facilitate any sort of electronic payment between users, neither do they charge a percentage cut from any deal.

All payments done of Facebook marketplace are strictly between the buyer and the seller. i.e, all payments are handled offline.

If you find a product you want to purchase, ask the seller to meet up in a safe and comfortable environment, access the product to see if matches the description of the seller, with all things put in place, you both can now decide on any form of payment that is convenient for the two parties involved.

That is it on Facebook Free Marketplace Business | How To Sell on Facebook Marketplace Online Business.

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