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Facebook Dating Review: At the F8 developer conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stood on stage in 2018 and revealed he was moving into the dating game. He has been happily married to Priscilla Chan since 2012, not for himself but to assist Facebook users via their favorite social network to search for dates.

If we’re based on helping people construct successful relationships, then maybe this is the most meaningful of all,” Mark said as he checked a rapt audience for Facebook Dating.”

In September 2019, Facebook Dating became open to American singles, and it took the dating world by storm. Several singles have asked us what Facebook Dating is how it operates, and whether it’s any good, and if you decide Facebook Dating is not really your cup of tea, we wanted to address those questions while also offering some good alternatives.

Our ranking for Facebook Dating: 3.3/5

By tapping into established social networks through hidden crushes and providing fresh contact and engagement avenues, Facebook Dating has the ability to change the way people date. The only catch is that singles have to opt-in and use the system to their advantage.

Facebook Dating logo

Dating on Facebook looks amazing, but online daters know that looks can be deceptive.

Facebook Dating has all the bells and whistles of a top-notch dating service from a design point of view, and its powerful matchmaking tools can recognize common interests and lifestyles-based on a truly staggering amount of personal data, but in terms of online activity and popularity, it falls short.

Dating is a game of numbers, and right now, Facebook Dating does not have large enough numbers to make it worth it for anyone everywhere.

Since it’s trendy, easy, and super intuitive, our dating experts award Facebook Dating an overall rating of 3.3 stars. But is it the forum for game-changing dating that was promised back in 2018? Scarcely.

Facebook Dating is Free to Everyone

Facebook Dating is a free service with plans to provide paid memberships and rewards once it has developed a sufficiently large following and proven to be popular. Until then, singles are pioneers in untested territories on Facebook Dating, and they don’t have to pay anything to see what it’s like and choose notifications.

Important note: Facebook Dating is only accessible via the Facebook app and can not be accessed via a web browser. The Facebook app, luckily, is also free in the Google Play and the App Store.

Link a Distinctive Dating Profile to your Facebook Network

The signup process for Facebook Dating is super quick. It took less than two minutes for me to finish it on my computer. You fill in your gender and the sex you’re looking for, your phone offers location data (which is only available on your dating profile), and you can select a picture from your Facebook gallery. It’s almost like signing up for a regular dating profile.

Your first name, age, location, education, and pictures will appear on your Facebook Dating profile, and you can also write a short bio or react to fun prompts to make yourself stand out as in “my favorite time of day is” or one movie I can watch over and over is”).

Screenshots of Facebook Dating profiles

Your Facebook dating profile is kept separate from your Facebook account, which is public.

The app uses your data for matchmaking, but without your permission, it doesn’t publish any of that information. You have the authority to authorize any pictures or details that appear on your Facebook dating profile.

To find singles that have similar interests, Facebook Dating draws personal information from your Facebook profile and Instagram account. Your event schedule, groups, and mutual friends can be used by the app as data points in its love algorithm.

Facebook’s simple signup method “takes the job out of making a dating profile and gives you a more honest look at who someone is,” according to Facebook Dating Product Manager Nathan Sharp.

Check for matches and obtain suggested matches on your own and

Check for matches and obtain suggested matches on your own and you will start browsing profiles of individuals that have entered the app and live in your area once you’re a member of Facebook Dating. The more you tap, since Facebook Dating uses a learning algorithm to identify compatibility, the more curated your match recommendations will become.

To change your preferences in terms of distance from you, gender identity, age range, height range, spoken language, education, religion, and other lifestyle features, go to your Settings.

Screenshots of Secret Crush

A unique advantage of dating through the global network of Facebook is the Secret Crush feature.

For singles, the Secret Crush section is a fun way to see if the individuals they like are also interested. You can add crashes from your Facebook or Instagram account, and if and when that individual joins Facebook Dating and adds you to their crush list, you will receive a notification.

On the app, you can add up to nine Secret Crushes at a time, and nobody can see who’s on your list. It’s as if Facebook Dating is passing notes to see if anyone’s crushes line up between friends.

You can go to the Like section to view the dating profiles of people who have expressed interest in your profile if you want to be proactive. “With no limits on how many likes you can submit, you can click “Like” or No Thanks. You can go to the Second Look section in your Settings to view suggested matches you’ve passed on and given them another chance if you run out of good matches.

Through Facebook Dating, only individuals who have liked each other can send messages and have discussions. It’s much the same as the most popular dating apps already on the scene in this way.

Facebook Dating isn’t exactly reinventing the online dating wheel, but if you’re burned out on conventional online dating and want to try something new, its sleek interface and intuitive setup can be appealing.

More than 200 million single users of Facebook have

Facebook has over 2 billion users worldwide, and roughly 200 million of them are single. However, that doesn’t mean they’re automatically enrolled in Facebook Dating. As we discussed previously, Facebook Dating uses an opt-in system, so you’ll only show up in searches and matches if you create a dating profile in your account.

The company hasn’t released hard numbers for how many people have joined Facebook Dating, but some signs indicate that not many people have joined so far. Users have complained about a lack of matches and active users, and the app has failed to disrupt other big names in the dating industry.

Over the last year, Facebook Dating has struggled to gain traction among singles who are used to more time-tested and familiar dating platforms. Honestly, that’s Facebook Dating’s biggest challenge right now. It hasn’t become a household name just yet, but its reputation is still growing, so don’t count Facebook out just yet.

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