Facebook Dating Feature – How does Facebook Dating Feature work

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Facebook Social Media Platform

Facebook is the most used and also most populated social media platform that is never left back when it comes to advancement or growth as the case may be. This platform made a launch of its Marketplace app where users buy and sell and after that, it later introduced online Dating.

Facebook dating is the newly launched feature within Facebook where users create profiles to find love. The dating feature is free to use and very simple to use by all users that can access t at the moment.

Facebook New Dating Feature

Facebook New Dating Feature is a feature that is located or lets say that is buried within the official app rather than a separate app. The feature is like a top hit with some excellent features.

Facebook users create a separate profile which is referred to as, Dating Profile. The service allows individuals to contact each other once they show interest in each other. This facebook newly introduced feature is for everyone who is searching for love. It is an opt-in service, thus, you can opt-out anytime you want.

Facebook Dating Service

Facebook dating service is an opt-in service which enables users to create separate dating profile find love. It is free and easy to use by everyone that can access it. It is most times mistaken as an app for virtually everyone that are yet to access it.

Well, the service is situated within the Facebook official app, that is to say, users do not need to download a separate app. The service is compatible with any device type including iOS and Android devices and will be made available for desktop computer users soon. The service is yet to be made available worldwide. Currently, the facebook dating feature is available in few locations including the US, which is a recent addition.

How does Facebook Dating Feature work

Facebook is popular and by that, it connects billions of people from across the world together. Currently, the platform helps them to hook up and meet their potential loves. The dating service on facebook works separately from your Facebook profile. There are ads or promotions, however, that might change in the future. There is also no paid feature. And, it is free with a friendly user interface.

It is an opt-in service making it easy to opt-out whenever you want without having to delete or deactivate your main account.

It is important to point out here that the facebook dating feature adopts the swiping motion just like Tinder and Bumble. It is open to anyone to use bi, gay, queer, and many others.

How To Use Facebook For Dating

Using Facebook for dating is simple and can only be done when you’re logged into your account. The service is not available in the desktop version only smartphones. That is users need to be signed into their Facebook profile on the mobile app. To log in, follow the instructions below;

  • Open the mobile application for Facebook.
  • Tap on Sign in and fill in your details.
  • Input your phone number or email address and password on the text box provided.
  • Tap on login.

The account will be loaded on the phone immediately. Reset your password immediately if you’ve lost it. if you don’t have a Facebook account, on the other hand, you can create your account by visiting Facebook sign up page to create your own account.

Facebook Dating Profile – How to create a Facebook Profile for dating

Creating a dating profile is simple and free. Your dating profile is the access you have to use the service and connect with your crush. It is a totally separate profile from your Facebook profile. To create, follow below;

  • Sign in to your normal Facebook account and head to your Timeline.
  • A new “Heart” icon tab will be displayed at the top.
  • Tap on the Tab.
  • Select your gender and the ones for who you want to be matched.
  • Confirm your location and include e a brief bi about yourself.
  • From the tiles that will be displayed, select one.
  • Each tile is either a question or an answer.
  • Tap on the question you would wish to be displayed on your profile and give an interesting answer.
  • Include quality and fine photos of yourself.

You will need to review and confirm the settings you made and you are set. The profile will be created and you started finding matches and connecting.

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