Android Apps that Allow you to Make your Own Avatar Cartoon

Android apps that allow you to make your own Avatar Cartoon: Wherever you go on the net these days, evidently, you need an avatar. The usual solution is to take a profile picture of yourself but making a cartoon representation is an attractive choice if you don’t want to reveal your identity.
The mechanism might even be simpler than you think. Here are five Android apps that let you build yourself in a cool, and pretty adorable, version.


Android Create Avatar - Androidify

Androidify It’s as much a creator of an avatar as it is an interactive Android ad, but that’s all right because it’s just fun to create a bugdroid version of ourselves. The app allows you to choose various colors, shapes, sizes, and accessories that allow you to build an aw-inducing robot that could even swear to friends that look like you.

You can also make your Android perform a cute little gesture and save it as a GIF, unlike the other choices on this list.


Android Create Avatar - FaceQ

FaceQ’s The only goal is to help you create your own adorable online persona. The app instantly launches you to the editing screen, and at the top of the screen, the save button is still there. Tapping it produces a PNG file that you can then import to any location you want.

All over the store, the fashion choices vary from clothes you’d wear around the house to the kind of battle armor that could keep you safe from a horde of dragons. FaceQ is free to use, so let it run wild in your mind.

Avatar Maker

Android Create Avatar - Avatar - Maker

Avatar Maker The best choice for making an anime-inspired representation of yourself is on this list. To a fair extent, you can change the shape of your head, eyes, hair, accessories, and the like. When you’re finished, you can save photos on your Android computer, export them directly to Google+, or post them in the public gallery for other users to check out.

As an in-app purchase for $2.50, a premium edition is available that unlocks extra benefits, but the main functionality is available for free.

Smartphone Avatar

Android Create Avatar - Smartphone - Avatar

We’ve got the bluntly-named Smartphone Avatar next. As easy as they come, this app is as simple. At launch, the avatar development interface appears, lined up along both sides of the screen with the customization options. Some features require $1.39 to go pro, such as saving or loading your avatar. PNG file format and transparent backgrounds added. Doing so would remove advertisements as well.

Thanks in part to their square heads and doodle-inspired style, the avatars you make with this app, which all gaze down at a smartphone in their hands, have a particularly distinctive look.


Android Create Avatar - Bitmoji

By making digital versions of you, your friends, and the places you live, Bitstrips lets you express yourself through comic strips. The act of getting all set up leaves you with an avatar that you can take with you through several websites on social media. But for our purposes, we have a greater interest in the Bitmoji app.

This addition allows a wide variety of feelings to be conveyed by your avatar, all of which may serve as profile photos in their own right. To use Bitmoji, you have to build an account, but unlike with the main Bitstrips app, you don’t have to use your Facebook one.

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