2016 Nexus phones, Sailfish and Marlin, will look like

The above picture, Google’s Nexus phones are taking on a strongly cleaner plan language for 2016, as indicated by data we’ve gotten from a solid source. The picture you’re seeing isn’t a genuine press render, yet our own diversion of the up and coming Nexus phones dependent on proof from our source. 

The proof 

The auxiliary polished plastic sheet on the back of the phones gives them a fascinating two-tone look, and this dark variant looks out and out stealthy. The back of the phones have a delicate bend around the edges, with the unique finger impression scanner sitting in the common Nexus position. Supposedly, these phones are aluminum body, not poly-carbonate. We’re positive about this since we accept the “leader” promoted shading will be a standard aluminum complete with a white face, however we figured we’d share this dull dark/dark adaptation. We likewise trust Google is thinking about what I’d call an “electric blue” variant of the Nexuses that looks totally insane, yet we aren’t sure on the off chance that that will really come to showcase or not. 

The structure of the phones looks somewhat like the HTC 10, and additionally generally little likeness to the present Nexus phones, either. With that solitary “G” logo and no Nexus branding – something we aren’t certain now will stay in the last plan – these phones look unlike any Nexus we’ve seen previously. I see a little 6P, I surmise, in certain regards, yet this structure truly has all the earmarks of being its own thing. At the point when Sundar Pichai said Google would have been progressively stubborn with the structure of Nexus gadgets, he wasn’t joking. 

The single earpiece speaker, forward looking camera, a little sensor group, and that is about it. On the back, you are very brave bands on the base and top, with that huge lustrous sheet likely filling in as a window for NFC and different radios. The three gaps alongside the camera are somewhat of a secret now, yet our estimate is that two of them identify with the camera and one is likely an optional amplifier. 

While Sailfish and Marlin will look marginally changed simply attributable to extents, we accept this picture precisely speaks to the general structure and tasteful of the two handsets. You could, practically, simply clone that picture and put a somewhat littler form of it by it on a similar canvas, and you’d essentially have Sailfish and Marlin. Be that as it may, that felt somewhat excess to us, so we just distributed it as a solitary gadget.

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